At long last, Microsoft has started rolling out its Windows Phone 7.8 update for users of older Windows Phones, giving them some of the basic features of Windows Phone 8 even though their devices aren’t compatible with the newest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. New features include the ability to set the tiles on the start screen to one of three different sizes.

However, users are reporting that the update causes an apparent glitch that causes the Live Tiles on the device to stop updating dynamically.

One of the signature features of Windows Phone is the ability for app developers to deliver notifications and other information via the Live Tiles, but Windows Phone 7.8 users report that the tiles have essentially become static on the screen.

Some users report that they’ve had success fixing the glitch by resetting the phone and reinstalling apps, but that obviously isn’t ideal. We’ve contacted Microsoft to find out what’s happening, and we’ll update this post when we hear back.

Update: Microsoft says it’s investigating the reports of the glitches.

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  • hannah

    I haven’t even gotten the update -.-

    • guest

      It’s only been two years since WP launched. MS still needs some more time to iron out their update process.

  • guest

    Trivial update that took MS way too long to provide. And they still can’t deliver a painless upgrade. This is getting embarrassing. MS is being lapped and then lapped again by Google and Apple. Just give up already.

    • Brent

      Very true. I don’t know what the phone team at MS does in day. They’re meant to be the scrappy upstart but their pace of delivery is the worst in the industry. Even Blackberry has now managed to catch up and get ahead of MS on many important features. And the team’s communications are the worst in MS, which is saying something.

  • Guest

    Just adds insult to injury to early adopters.

    No you don’t get the new version of the OS (unlike iOS). But you do get this stripped down update instead.

    Oh, it’s coming real soon now, just keep waiting.

    Here it is: oops it doesn’t work right.

    Ah well. Sucks to be you. Please just buy a new phone.


    • Stupidtrolls

      Unlike iOS?
      Because they never drop support for previous models /s

      • Nathan

        That’s the apple bubble for you

  • Guest

    I have gotten the problems with live tiles update that you speak about…MS haters

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