Some 9-year-olds do pretty cool things like build a Lego set or finish a Harry Potter book. Then there’s 9-year-old whiz kid Pranav Kalya, a fourth-grader at Willow Elementary School in California, who passed the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exam in ASP.NET Framework 3.5 last weekend.

Are kids these days really this brilliant, or are Microsoft’s certification tests too easy? Maybe it’s a little of both.

This latest accomplishment was first reported by the Times of India, which called Pranav the youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in history. That may be the case for this particular type of certification, but the reality is that kids as young or younger than Pranav have been acing various types of Microsoft technical and professional certification tests for a while, including the late Arfa Karim Randhawa and several others.

His father told the Times that “as a toddler, Pranav was more fascinated by computers than toys,” and “he started writing small software programs at the age of six.”

And while his friends were playing the Wii U and doing normal 9-year-old things during the holidays, Kaylan said he spent more than eight hours a day doing computer programming.

Maybe Pranav should join the other kids teaching Microsoft customers about Windows 8. I’d say he’s pretty qualified.

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  • guest

    Unless things have changed dramatically, the tests aren’t easy. So, he appears to be a pretty smart cookie.

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  • Tim Acheson

    Microsoft is cool and down with the kids. A new generation of techies are embracing Microsoft.

  • Paul Hutmacher

    These certifications are earned not won. Using the term won makes me think he got it in a raffle and trivializes the work my fellow MCTS did to earn this certification. Well done Pranav!

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