A new bill in the Washington State Legislature may allow computer science classes to count as a math or science requirement toward high school graduation.

Currently, Washington high schoolers who take a computer science class don’t receive a math or science credit. HB 1472 would enable this and “provide initiatives to improve and expand access to computer science education.”

A Washington STEM survey found that 3 in 4 voters feel that CSE classes should count for math or science credit instead of just an elective. There are currently nine other states that allow for this.

Washington organization Stand for Children has set up a petition you can sign encouraging lawmakers to pass the bill.

On March 1, HB 1472 was passed to the Rules Committee, which will decide if the bill will be passed on the floor calendar for a second reading.

H/T Eric Shellan 

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  • Joel Grus

    Yes, but imagine the chaos that would ensue if schools set their own graduation requirements!

    • Guest

      This bill just gives students the option to count their computer science classes as something other than an elective — a barrier that holds many students back from taking computer science classes. The 9 states that have implemented this simple change have seen a big increase in the number of students taking computer science classes.

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