This heat map shows areas most walkable. Vancouver has the best “Walk Score” out of the three big Northwest cities.

Portland has the donuts, Seattle has the coffee and Vancouver, B.C. has the … sidewalks.

Walk Score, a Seattle-based company that promotes walkable neighborhoods, just ranked the most walkable cities in Canada and Vancouver, B.C. took the top spot with a “Walk Score” of 78. That beats out Seattle (74) and Portland (66) as the most walkable city in the Pacific Northwest. The heat map above shows which areas are best for walking.

Walk Score’s service assigns a score on a scale of 1 to 100 for every address in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand based on the proximity to amenities such as theaters, restaurants and transit. The company’s walkability ranking is the only international, quantitative ranking of walkability.

Seattle’s score of 74 ranks sixth in the U.S. New York and San Francisco are tied for first with a score of 85.

Walk Score was started by former All Star Directories CEO Mike Mathieu under the umbrella of Front Seat Software. The company delivers more than six million scores for apartment and home addresses per day across a network of more than 15,000 real estate sites. Research cited one point of Walk Score equaling $3,000 to home values. 

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  • Thomas R.

    Walkscore was always one of those metrics I always thought “that’s nice” but it’s not really anything value add. If you live in the city, you expect to walk, if you live in the suburbs, you expect to commute. Does it surprise anyone when they say that New York or San Francisco top the walkscores? What is the benefit of quantifying the walkability of a location? I wouldn’t even know how to interpret if someone told me that one place had a walkscore of 30 and one had a score of 60.

    And couldn’t one come to the same conclusion by using coffee shops/cafe density? Coffeescore™

    • Thomas R.

      Here’s an interesting example of why I question the usefulness of walkscore: if you look up Englewood Chicago, IL, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in all of America, It has a walkscore of 64, only two points behind Portland! You may get shot or robbed but hey at least it’s somewhat walkable like Portland.

  • Guest

    Congrats to Vancouver on the win! I notice based on the map that Vancouver has a more regular shape than does the comparably slender Seattle. I’d like to recommend that Seattle fill in her largely perfunctory sounds and lakes, on which most men cannot walk, to improve walkability.

    • boop

      But women can? … LOL.

  • B.E. Ward

    I have to disagree on the donuts. Voodoo is just razzle dazzle. Give me a Top Pot any day.

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