uwlogoooIn an attempt to fix a “national crisis in early childhood education,” the University of Washington is introducing its first-ever online-only degree program.

The Early Childhood and Family Studies degree will be offered this fall at $160 per credit, regardless of your location — a lower cost than typical UW degrees and up to five times less than other online programs.

The program is designed to prepare early care and education workers who have completed a two-year associate degree or started college but did not complete it. It’s also convenient for those already working a early childhood full-time job.

When I was at the UW, I took a few online courses. They were really nice, as I could learn at my own pace and have a lot more control over everything — the convenience of it was great. But at the same time, you lose that in-person, peer-to-peer interaction that can be really valuable to the overall learning process, depending on the subject you’re studying.

The university will begin accepting applications in May.

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  • Chilly

    I am a proponent of the development of online education, but I don’t think the concept is far enough along that we can comfortably give a degree to someone taking online courses. I graduated in 2011, so maybe the changes since then have been very rapid, but I can’t even remember the subject of most online classes I took, at least in a specific sense. For instance, I took an economics class and can’t recall if it was macro or micro. I didn’t read a single page of the online textbook and still got an A. And I still feel like I know nothing about macro (or maybe micro) economics.

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