facebookhomebadFacebook Home is out today in the Google Play Store for those fortunate enough with one of the five Android-based phones to download it.

Well, maybe not so fortunate.

I just installed Facebook’s newest add-on, which puts Facebook photos, updates, messages and services at the forefront of smartphone homescreens.

Less than 30 seconds later, it was off my Galaxy S3. Sorry, Facebook — I just don’t want to see you every time I open my phone.

“No matter what you’re doing, your friends are always right there with you,” Facebook tells us in the promo video above.

They’re not lying. And it’s kind of annoying.

There are many things I love about my smartphone sans-Facebook Home: Seeing my calendar and Gmail widgets (widgets are disabled with Facebook Home). Immediate, one-swipe lockscreen access to my phone’s dialer, messaging, email, camera and browser (these are gone with Facebook Home installed). My own personalized lockscreen picture (Facebook Home replaces your lockscreen with your friends’ pictures).

If you’re literally on Facebook all day long and can’t seem to operate without it, Facebook Home will be good for you. It allows you to access all of the social network’s features without actually opening the app.

Initial Facebook Home ratings aren’t so good.

But I’m just not one of those. And according to the initial mediocre ratings on the Google Play Store, there are several that think the same.

Facebook, I like. Home, not so much. They say change is good, but for now, I’ll stick with the salivating picture of fresh sushi as my background.

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  • ChetCrunch

    In the video their backgrounds are filled with models and beautiful pictures. If only that was the case for the real world! Do I want all of my friends food pictures as my homescreen? Absolutely not. Good write-up, I have an iPhone and was interested in hearing about it.

  • Collin Page

    Nothing like using your phone in front of a group of people when some half naked dude shows up as you wake your phone because someone decided to post some inappropriate content

  • Amal

    I actually would have been ok with FBH if, when I swiped up to the “Apps” icon, it would have just gone away and shown me my old home screen with widgets and everything… instead it presents my old home screen apps, minus widgets, inside a little messed up bubble window.

  • http://twitter.com/JeffGibb Jeff Gibb

    I did the exact same thing with the same phone. The only casualty post-uninstall was the fact the app updated and started pushing notifications by default.

  • http://blog.CascadeSoft.net @CascadeRam

    Facebook Home seems to be uniformly unpopular, but imo (for different reasons) the regular ‘Facebook for Android’ app has other serious problems as well.

    For instance, on Android, Facebook has the “retrieve running apps” permission . Among other things, the Facebook app is able to get a list of currently running (and recently run) apps. I’m glad iOS doesn’t let Facebook (or any app) grab this information.

  • Jmartens

    Same thing for me…install out of curiousity, and uninstalled after a a few minutes. Thats just way too much Facbeook for me.

  • voleheart

    fresh sushi is really good isn’t it?

  • keith

    30 seconds! This is some great journalism right here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kishari Kishari Sing

    Great writeup. There IS such a thing as too much Facebook, too bad that they weren’t mature enough as a company to research that proper balance first.

  • http://twitter.com/naghmasyed Naghma kousar syed

    Why facebook home is not available in germany

    • https://twitter.com/qliqQLAQ qliqQLAQ

      It takes some time. Most of the apps will be released a bit later in
      Europe. And if Facebook has choosen to release it in North America
      first, well… you’ve to wait then. I actually just hope, we in Germany,
      won’t get this FB-Home thingy…

    • dano

      because your English is not so good

  • dan d r

    I have to wonder whether FB has a market research department? You know, the way most large corporations try to figure out whether consumers like an idea/product in advance or a major release? Or, are FB so bloody arrogant (and psychic) they feel they know what their users want without asking them? Or, test marketing?

    Or, was it all just a scheme to prop up stock value by pretending something “big” was happening?

    Not only is Home getting (mainly) 1 and 2 Star ratings. The comments, especially about battery life, say this is a dog that won’t hunt. In fact, it’s a dog without legs, tail and teeth that hasn’t had a bath in a few years.

  • panacheart

    There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I find FB can be distracting, and I’ve even considered taking it off my phone. It’s nice to keep in touch with people, and I’ve reconnected with people I otherwise hadn’t really heard from in decades; but now I know too much about those old friends, as in their tummy aches, bowel movements and bad hair days. The term “TMI” comes to mind, and I don’t need that popping up on my phone all day long.

  • Ib Cexi

    I got rid of fb last year. Best thing ever!

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