AT&T Developer ProgramLess than a week after T-Mobile unveiled a program called JUMP! that allows customers to upgrade their phones twice a year with a $10 per month subscription fee, rival AT&T debuted its own upgrade program Tuesday called “Next” that gives customers a chance to ditch their two-year contracts and pay 20 monthly installments without a down payment in order to upgrade once a year.

T-Mobile’s response? Just look at the Twitter feed of the carrier’s CEO for an answer:

tmobile1111So is Legere right? Well, let’s take a look.

While both plans allow customers to upgrade their devices more frequently, T-Mobile’s JUMP requires a monthly program fee — which includes insurance coverage — while AT&T does not. However, T-Mobile lowered its monthly service payments rates to compensate for the removal of phone subsidies.

And that’s where many, including Legere, see AT&T’s plan as a ripoff. The AT&T monthly device payments can range anywhere from $15-to-$50 and that’s in addition to the monthly service plan rates that usually go for around $100 and designed for subsidized phones. Unlike T-Mobile, AT&T has not lowered those rates to make up for the lack of phone subsidies. And remember, on either plan, you never own the phone.

Verizon is also rumored to offer a similar plan in the near future.

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  • powerspeaks

    We the people don’t care if we can “JUMP” to what’s “NEXT” or what the argument is, as long as we can “SAVE” money with either plan!!!!
    We got the Power! POW! @taylo_soper @powerspeaks #FB

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