T-Mobile CEO John Legere at today’s press event.

T-Mobile just unveiled its “boldest move yet” today with a program called JUMP! (Just Upgrade My Phone) that allows customers to upgrade their phones twice a year with a $10 per month subscription fee.

Starting this Sunday, customers can enroll in the program and upgrade once they’ve been in JUMP! for six months. From there, they can upgrade twice per 12-month calendar period. Customers can buy new phones for the same upfront price as new customers, and not have to pay the remaining balance on their old phones, which must be in working condition in order to be traded in.

Unless subscribers want to pay full price for new smartphones, other carriers allow upgrades on contract only once every 24 months.

“At some point, big wireless companies made a decision for you that you should have to wait two years to get a new phone for a fair price. That’s 730 days of waiting. 730 days of watching new phones come out that you can’t have. Or having to live with a cracked screen or an outdated camera,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile USA, in a press release. “We say two years is just too long to wait. Today, we’re changing all that with the launch of JUMP! Now, customers never have to worry about being stuck with the wrong phone. And, yes — it’s really as good as it sounds.”

Essentially, this is a replacement for the typical monthly insurance cost subscribers currently pay. With JUMP!, you can get the same Premium Handset Protection on top of the twice per year upgrades for $2 more than what customers currently pay for the protection plan.

T-Mobile also announced that its 4G LTE network now reaches 157 million people across the U.S. and a new Family Plan aimed at customers who don’t have strong enough credit for postpaid contracts. Finally, T-Mobile also announced three new 4G-LTE devices: Sony’s Xperia Z, the Nokia Lumia 925 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

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  • mainmac

    Assuming your phone updates once a year, that’s as oftern as you’ll “upgrade” (otherwise just insurance if you break your current phone). And unlike the 2-year plans I bet you don’t get to keep your old phone when you get a new one, so you’re giving up $400 in value every two years. Much smarter to apply that $120 / year toward a replacement phone and selling /using your old phone.

  • Ryan G

    I’m not sure T-Mobile has learned their lesson regarding advertising. The guy drops his phone into the toilet water in the ad, yet if you read the fine print for the program –

    “Your current, financed handset must meet the following conditions: be in good working order, no liquid damage, no broken or cracked screens, and the device must power on.”


    • procvar

      The $10 monthly cost includes PHP (Premium Handset Protection) which covers those damages.

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