Shauna Causey (Photo: Erynn Rose)
Shauna Causey on GeekWire Radio (Photo: Erynn Rose)

—UP Global, the Seattle non-profit that formed earlier this year through the combination of Startup America and Startup Weekend, has named former exec Shauna Causey as vice president of marketing. In the role, Causey will help extend the organization’s international presence. Prior to, which sold to eBay earlier this year, Causey worked at Nordstrom, Comcast, Google and the Seattle Mariners.

“UP Global and specifically Startup Weekend has played a pivotal role in my personal and professional career,” said Causey. “You can’t help but be inspired working with other people who believe anything in the world is possible. I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to be part of a team creating 500,000 new entrepreneurs in 500 cities around the world in the next three years.”

UP Global’s Marc Nager added that Causey, who has facilitated Startup Weekend events around the world, will help it “become a truly global, community driven organization.” (Previously on GeekWirePresident Obama pledges support for global startup efforts, taps UP Global to help support 500,000 new entrepreneurs by 2016).

cohen55—Public TV station KCTS 9 has named Tom Cohen to the position of vice president of content, starting in the role early next month. Cohen retired from Microsoft in 2007 after 14 years, working at Corporate Media Services and MSN. Prior to Microsoft, he worked for 16 years in various operational and management production and programming positions for KOMO-TV in Seattle.

“As KCTS continues to execute on its new strategic plan, Tom brings a wealth of experience in both television and digital content creation,” said Rob Dunlop, KCTS 9 President and CEO. “We are excited to add his leadership talent to our team.”

klein—William Morris Endeavor Entertainment has named former Microsoft exec Peter Klein as Chief Financial Officer. He will report to the co-CEOs, Patrick Whitesell and Ariel Emanuel. Klein spent 11 years at Microsoft, most recently as CFO. The deal follows William Morris Entertainment’s recent acquisition of IMG, an international sports, fashion and media business. Prior to Microsoft, Klein, who holds a MBA from the University of Washington, worked at McCaw Cellular Communications, Orca Bay Capital and 

—Seattle startup Shippable, a TechStars Seattle startup that just raised $2 million in funding from Divergent Ventures, Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Capital and others, has named Keith Oster as developer evangelist. Oster most recently worked at TechStars, and before that worked in sales at Confio Software and The Trada Group.

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  • Bing

    This seems like a good fit for Shauna. She needs a job to last for more than a year or two. She has built a good brand for herself but now needs some success to make clear she is more than just a good self-promoter. At the moment, the jury is out after a year or so at Nordstrom and Decide with hard to decipher results.

    • Nas

      Agreed. Definitely a self promoter and all but no real start up experience from building to scale…

    • Looking for Better Pro Updates

      Absolutely agreed 100%. She’s popular and would win a popularity contest hands-down. But in terms of substance I really don’t know what she brings to the table. I’m open to being convinced she is a top exec in Seattle. But I’m skeptical and feel there are tons more women in town with much more interesting stories. Maybe it’s because they aren’t 6 foot tall blonde volleyball players?

      • Alonso Chehade

        Mr. Bing, Nas and Looking for Better Pro Updates,

        I have no respect for people who post anonymously “specially” when criticizing (discriminating) a hard working woman in our community with language such as “6 foot tall blonde volleyball player”

        Other than that….reality is: If you’re not making someone else’s life better, you’re wasting your time.

        • Guest

          Haha, “6 foot tall blonde voleyball player” is not a critical remark, it’s a factual remark, no? Stop being so sensitive. The skepticism is valid: you need to be loyal to your employer and moving around year after year after year after year after year raises questions and doubts. If you look at any successful executive’s resume, they stay at their companies for more than just a year. Wake up dude.

      • Simon Salt

        Wow what a bunch of douchbags. I’ve known Shauna for years, since her days at Comcast – I have never known her to be a self-promoter. In fact quite the opposite. She is self-effacing. Any “popularity” she might have attracted comes from her ability to deliver, her ability to keep her word and more than anything to be a genuinely nice person – a rarity in the world of social. I’d love to know exactly what you individuals have achieved that positions you such that you can judge someone like Shauna. My guess – nada!

      • kate matsudaira

        Wow, clearly the above commenters have never worked with Shauna.

        As someone who has actually worked beside Shauna on an executive team I was shocked to read this criticism. In addition to being great on social (hence the popularity contest remark) she is also super smart when it comes to other areas of marketing and most companies would be fortunate to have her as an employee. And many Seattle startups would love to have her running their marketing teams. Shauna is superstar and definitely someone worth watching now and in the future.

        Congrats Shauna – I am so excited to see what you do in this new role and in all of your future roles.

    • KyleKesterson

      First question is why does someone need a job for longer than two years when it’s working for someone else? If there’s one thing I believe about Shauna, is she has a lot of untapped potential towards creating her own organization. The varying degrees of experience are adding new tools, an expanding network, and building momentum towards what she’ll eventually attempt. The only people that should be trying to settle into jobs for years on end, are those looking to climb someone else’s ladder and that don’t have the drive, capacity, vision, or cajones to create something for themselves and carve their own path.

      Also it’s easy to point to someone and say “I have no idea what you actually do” when you’re not close to their day to day. We read about people alllll the time and are only given a hint of reality, or even a spun reality that’s not indicative to the work that gets accomplished or the results from it.

      If you want to learn more about Shauna, why don’t you shoot her a note and ask her a specific question? I’m sure she’ll be happy to educate you or anyone else who has an opinion based on her ability to create visibility.

      Last thought. Marketing is so much about creating visibility, momentum, interest, stories. If I were wanting to be great at marketing others, I just might use myself as my own personal portfolio or test case to experiment and perfect what works and learn what doesn’t work, and show that the proof is in the pudding.

      Everyone knows about Shauna, because she’s a great marketer. UP Global is lucky to have her.

      Congrats Shauna!

  • Peter Chee

    Congratulations Shauna! This role will be a great fit for you and ties in great with your entrepreneurial ambition as well as your heart to help other people. I wish you more success in 2014!

  • MikeFridgen

    Congrats Shauna! No doubt you will make an impact and do great things in your new role at UP Global. They are fortunate to have you and wish you all the best!

  • Marc Nager

    Shauna has been a member of the Startup Weekend family for years, so we are very excited and proud to convince her to join our efforts. The startup communities around the world have incredible stories to tell, and we’re excited to have Shauna come in and ensure the world knows about them!

  • Michelle Broderick

    A big congrats to Shauna, but an even bigger congratulations to the startup community for having Shauna at the helm of an amazing organization!

  • Michael Paulson

    Congrats on your new role, Shauna! It’s an important and fun mission you’re tackling – I’ll enjoy watching your success at UP.

  • Viet Nguyen

    Congrats, Shauna!

  • donalddesantis

    This is huge for UP. Shauna is one of the sharpest and hardest working folks in the game. Excited to see these guys kick some ass together.

  • Bob Crimmins

    Congrats Shauna and Up! Two fixtures of the Seattle community coming together to support startups around the world. That’s good stuff.

  • Dan Levitan

    Great hire UP. Sounds like a great fit for Shauna. Having watched her at Decide, I think she will be great in this role.

  • Looking for Better Pro Updates

    I know GeekWire is enamored with Causey but I don’t know what she’s really accomplished. She’s great at self-promotion, which is fantastic and obviously helps her move from short term gig to short term gig. I’m sure she’s a nice person. But, I’d like to see if she can actually accomplish anything worthy of note besides being a Seattle Twitter Darling that local social media cliques seem to worship. What did she actually do at There are many more women in Seattle with tons more substance who deserve more coverage than Shauna, with all due respect. Come on Geekwire, you’re better than this. Break out of the clique.

    • johnhcook

      Thanks for the comment.

      We thought Causey’s new job at UP Global was newsworthy, and that’s why we covered it as part of our Tech Moves column. I don’t think a 3-paragraph news brief on her new job qualifies as us being enamored with her.

      That said, we are committed to covering the achievements of women in tech, so if you have suggestions on notable women we should be covering either as “Geeks of the Week” on the “GeekWire Podcast” or in the “Startup Spotlight” features, please pass on their names. We have covered some amazing women in the past, but we’re always looking for others to highlight too.

      Thanks again for reading GeekWire.

  • Sasha P

    Congrats, Shauna. Startup Weekend has been instrumental in building Seattle’s startup ecosystem, and you’ll be a tremendous asset as they further that cause.

  • Shauna Causey

    Feeling lucky to be in the tech moves post with Tom Cohen and Peter Klein! Congrats on the new positions, you two.

  • Ariana Greer

    Congratulations Shauna! I know you will do well again in this new position! I think it’s sad that in this day and age people find it necessary to take potshots because you are a “6 foot tall blonde volleyball player”…especially when you’re only 5’11. :) If the biggest complaints are that you are great at promotion (ummm yeah…anyone know what marketing is?), your physical features and hobbies – they obviously have NO CLUE what kind of passionate, driven and hard working person you are who truly loves what they do. Enjoy your new role!

  • Sean Moffitt

    For the folks earlier on in the post, if you have spent anytime at all with Shauna – with her popularity comes excellence, professionalism and humility – the fact that you leave your comments suggest either a professional jealousy, trolling for controversy angle or completely oblivious and aloof . Wake up and smell the coffee Seattle curmudgeons!

  • mattgambo

    This is a great position for Shauna and a great asset to UP Global. Together they’ll be able to help empower entrepreneurs not just in Seattle, but around the world, which is the important thing! Also congrats to Shippable, one of my favorites from the TechStars class.

  • Sam Fiorella

    Congrats Shauna! Well deserved.

  • Prof

    Shippable is not a Seattle startup – they are Bay Area with an engineering team in India last time I checked?

    • johnhcook

      I just chatted with CEO Avi Cavale (last year’s GeekWire Ping Pong champ BTW) who tells me the company is very much based in Seattle, though Oster will work from SF since they have a large customer base there. Thanks.

  • Tyler Welch

    Boo to the haters on this thread. Having work alongside Shauna I can say without hesitation that she’s someone that puts her heart into whatever she does and builds successful teams along the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

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