Standard product reviews are fine, but we’re big fans of people actually incorporating new technologies into their daily routines and reporting back on what happens. And among those types of reviews, it doesn’t get more interesting than this piece by Penny Arcade artist Mike Krahulik, better known as Gabe, who documents his experience drawing on the Surface Pro using the pen that comes with the Microsoft tablet.

It’s a fascinating glimpse into the world of a comic artist, but more than that, it’s an unexpected endorsement for the Microsoft tablet. (The company smartly provided Krahulik with a review unit after he mentioned on Twitter that he was interested in using the Surface Pro for drawing.)

Krahulik did encounter problems, including Photoshop not supporting pressure sensitivity on the Surface. He also echoed the standard Surface Pro drawbacks such as limited battery life. But overall he was impressed with the ability of the Surface Pro to effectively replace his normal desktop setup, providing him with a more-than-adequate mobile drawing solution. He also was impressed with the Surface as a gaming machine, getting to the heart of Penny Arcade’s expertise.

He writes, “As a mobile solution for a digital artist I’d say the Surface Pro is a winner.”

Check out the video above and read his full piece here.

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  • Nathan Ottenson

    I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. My girlfriend has gotten the Surface RT tablet and we are happy with it but I frankly just don’t see the appeal of a tablet in general and therefore I hardly use the thing. I have recently been using a lot of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and it occurred to me how amazing it would be to run these programs on a tablet with native stylus support and for this reason alone I could see myself picking up a Surface Pro in the future (or a third-party if someone comes out with something as versatile but more appealing)

    • VHMP01

      I instaled PhotoShop, Illustrator, AutoCAD and Office on a Windows 8 Acer W5 Tablet, with keyboard dock and trackpad; those programs have not been developed for touch, but I manage combining the 3 inputs (touch, trackpad and keyborad), still I which it had a stylus. I’m also waiting for those touch apps.

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