Alicia Keys snaps a photo with what looks like the BlackBerry Z10. Photo via Twitter user @Atwitisborn

Ah, the perks of being the Global Creative Director for Blackberry.

Musical superstar Alicia Keys was just spotted tonight at the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest snapping a photo with what is likely the Blackberry Z10, the company’s new smartphone that will debut in the U.S. next month.

At least, for Blackberry’s sake, Keys wasn’t caught with an iPhone. She made headlines earlier this week after allegedly using an iPhone to send a Tweet, despite her new allegiances with Blackberry. Keys later said she was hacked.

Whether or not she was hacked, this reminds us of Oprah using her iPad to Tweet about her love for the Microsoft Surface.

Also, perhaps she’s using Solavei as a service provider? The upstart wireless carrier is the only U.S. company offering the Z10 ahead of time for almost $1,000.  

In late January, Blackberry made several monumental changes, including a new company name (Blackberry instead of RIM), a new stock ticker symbol and two new smartphones.

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  • Guest

    Kudos to Ms. Keys for honouring the terms of her endorsement contract. Because she has been paid to use BlackBerry Z10, we expect her to use this device and to help influence others to purchase it. Other celebrities, such as one I’ll identify solely as O.W., have lost lucrative endorsements with their disloyalty.

  • coolheat

    Hey Alicia. I too agree that it is an awesome phone … and yes … the rest of America will just have to WAIT till they see how awesome this phone is, while the rest of the entire world enjoys it.
    Looks like the UK is number 1 …. and Canada is number 3 ….. USA …. we are number ……

  • JakeCool

    LOL… Oops…. Old habits die hard especially if you,very got a big iTunes collection. Hopefully BB forgives her this little infection.

  • h_f_m

    I bet she hates that phone… wouldn’t have been using her iPhone if so.. “I got hacked”.. flat out lie.. Backpedaling.. Backpedaling… Backpedaling!

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