200px-Seattle_SuperSonics_logo (1)By now, you’ve probably heard how the NBA relocation committee unanimously voted Monday afternoon to block Seattle’s bid to buy the Sacramento Kings and bring the NBA back to the Emerald City.

An investment group led by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and hedge fund manager Chris Hansen had already reached an agreement with the Maloof family (current owners) in January to buy 65 percent of the Kings for a reported $341 million.

But Sacramento came back with its own investment group and arena plan, and the NBA’s relocation committee believes that the Kings should stay in California.

League owners will make an official vote May 13, but that’s expected to be a formality.

It was a seriously blow to Seattle’s chance of getting an NBA team this fall, as there may never be a better opportunity to get pro hoops back in this city, as Ballmer said last week.

But there’s still hope, at least according to Hansen, who penned a blog post late Monday night, writing that the Seattle group “has absolutely no plans to give up.”

Here’s some of the reaction on Twitter last night:

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  • Blaze the Trail Cat

    in the meantime, let’s get some Blazers games on local TV up here. Rip City has had Mariners and Seahawks games on TV for a while now.

    • Enough Already

      Let’s not. Blazers games = the NBA and the NBA sucks.

  • Whatahute

    So Sad…Giga-zillionaire, arrogant incompetent at running the greatest monopoly in Human history (right into the ground it you haven’t noticed) – aw, shucks, mom – you said I was rich and I could have anything I want…after all I must be smart, I made Microsoft! Pathetic, really. Sorry, Stevie. Wake up Monkey Boy.

  • RobertinSeattle

    Think about this one: It was actually a win-win for the NBA. They got everyone all fired up to compete and then conned Sacramento into offering them a new arena that they never would have done without the competition to keep the Kings. Then as your article states, they can always create an expansion team anyway so Seattle builds them a new arena as well.

    How can the NBA ever lose on a deal like that?

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