Calling all of Seattle’s trained fighters: Your city’s superhero needs help.

Phoenix Jones, leader of a crime-fighting local group called the Rain City Superhero Movement, is recruiting people to become part of his movement.

There are various requirements (full list below) that include military, police, or martial arts training and a bulletproof vest.

If you’re reading this and still wondering who the hell Phoenix Jones is, think real-life Batman or Superman.

“We walk around the rough areas and keep our eyes out for crime,” Jones says in this video. “We are the first responders on the scene. Five nights a week, I tuck my kids into bed, suit up in the comic shop and hit the streets for patrol.

“Our message is simple: Standing by is easy, but helping out takes heart. A winner is someone who stands tall in the face of danger. The world needs more winners.”

Jones, who is also an MMA fighter, was inspired to fight crime after someone wrapped a rock in a ski mask and broke his car window. Jones saved the mask and wore it a few weeks later when saving his friend from being beaten up. He’s been roaming the streets of Seattle since early 2011.

Unfortunately, us GeekWire scribes can’t join the force because we’re journalists.

“Sorry Peter Parker and Clark Kent,” Jones writes, “you’re shit out of luck.”

Here’s the list of full requirements. You can fill out an application here.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a steady form of income.
  • Have a Washington state issued ID. An out of state driver license must be accompanied with proof of residence in Washington state and must be switched over by the end of your “rookie” phase.
  • No felony crimes or violent crimes (if you have a crime pending you will not be accepted till the case is closed or resolved).
  • Military, police, or provable martial arts experience (I will test you on this, be accurate with your training level).
  • First aid and CPR cards are required (we have a person that provides this at a discount and follows strict confidentiality agreements).
  • You must have a bulletproof vest level 2A or better. This will be provided for your first couple of patrols. you must own one within a month of being excepted. (we have a company that provides these at an extreme discount)
  • You must not be a journalist or a person going to school for journalism.
  • You must be willing to submit a form for background check as well as sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • If you are missing a bulletproof vest, CPR card, first aid card, and have to switch your ID over, the start up cost should be $135-50. You will be given direct information on how to inquire and contact these companies no money will be passed through the team.
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  • Guest

    Haha, while I do not support the idea of vigilante justice outside of perhaps a movie theater, this video sure was worthwhile seeing! Phoenix Jones, you dropped him like a sack of potatoes. The video title states the ‘suspect’ was racist (I couldn’t really hear that well what’s been said). If so, even better. He was definitely stupid to continue engaging once he saw that you’re clearly a trained fighter. Too bad the video stopped without the shirtless guy getting his share. My respect to the Seattle police for handling the situation very calmly.

  • Timothy Mensing

    This is pretty awesome, I like the logic of the application.

  • Kyle Kesterson

    The ‘Phoenix Flair’ mobile app that I designed and has been collecting dust for 2 years could have been the best thing that ever happened to him. #toobusytakinginterviews #missedopportunity

  • DeadEnd

    temper temper one day it will be the end of you phoenix jones…and by no means is this a threat hiding behind words is cowardly because actions speak louder however if you ever come across this site…just take it more or less as advice…….by the way suppose i should mention this if you try to check up on my account i honestly made it up..who knows were that goes…

    • Mememeee

      talk about a loser.. people like you are such a disgrace.. you sound super bitter? are you the short shirtless guy?

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