msyhooThe monthly U.S. search stats from comScore are out for March and it shows Google slipping just a bit with Microsoft continuing to grow its search share, albeit slowly.

Google dropped 0.4 percentage points last month, falling to 67.1 percent of the U.S. search engine market. Microsoft, meanwhile, grew 0.2 percentage points to 16.9. That’s up 0.4 points from the beginning of the year.

Microsoft’s search partner, Yahoo, grew by 0.2 percent to 11.8 percent of the market.

Microsoft has seen Bing’s market share climb significantly in recent years. Microsoft provides the underlying technology for Yahoo’s search engine and search ads, but the partnership between the companies hasn’t paid off like the companies had hoped.

Speaking last February, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, the former Google executive, acknowledged that the Microsoft-Yahoo partnership isn’t meeting expectations in terms of market share or revenue.

“One of the points of the alliance is that we collectively want to grow share rather than just trading share with each other,” Mayer said. She added: “We need to see monetization working better because we know that it can and we’ve seen other competitors in the space illustrate how well it can work.”

Also in February, Yahoo and Google announced an agreement to put ads from Google’s AdSense and AdMob systems on Yahoo sites, a clear sign that Mayer is willing and able to do business with her former colleagues at Google.

Microsoft, meanwhile, continues to bash Google with its “Scroogled” campaign, with the latest bombardment focusing on privacy issues with the Google Play Store.

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  • msdeathwatch

    The reality is that Google has cleaned MS’s and Yahoo’s clock in search without even breaking a sweat. In fact while MS has been busy losing in excess of $15 billion on its various failed effort to compete in search over the last half decade and beyond, Google has added to its % share in the US and become a 90%+ player in many foreign markets where Bing barely registers. Meanwhile it has still been able to destroy MS in smartphones and tablets (cloud video and half a dozen other businesses), grow gmail to where it now has more users than Hotmail/, take massive share from IE with Chrome, and become *the* serious threat to Office and now even Windows in the enterprise. Not surprisingly given that record, it also managed to surpass MS’s marketcap. When Ballmer is let go later this year, Bing will be one of the first businesses a new CEO will put on the chopping block just as soon as he/she can get out of any contractual obligations.

    • Văn Minh Nguyễn

      Bing is actually increasing in foreign markets with the expansion of Windows Phone (via Nokia sales) and Gmail is inferior to Hotmail/ in many ways, including storage, threading, organization and overall user-experience. Google Play Music has less songs than Xbox Music (Zune) as for Android, it’s just bloated with malware and Samsung (the greatest Android-seller) is planning on phasing it out with Tinzen because Google claims too much control on it.

  • Văn Minh Nguyễn

    When Google will be ”a thing of the past” or ”just another search engine” it would’ve been something that came so slow, no-one noticed it.

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