The hype surrounding both the Seattle Seahawks and EA Sports’ Madden NFL 25 game are sky-high right now, and both entities collide in a new commercial that features Hawks star quarterback Russell Wilson.

Russel Wilson did some “Kaepernicking” after scoring a touchdown with himself on Madden NFL 25.

The 70-second promo, titled “Summer Camp,” tells a funny fictitious story about Wilson and equally-popular San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The talented young quarterbacks battle each other on the sticks from their younger days, eventually paving the way for their current “rivalry” in the NFL.

For the record, even though some people really love Kaepernick’s potential, I’d take Wilson over him any day. A better throwing arm and stronger leadership skills — and yes, OK, I am a bit biased.

Anyways, the best part of the commercial comes near the end when Wilson scores a touchdown with himself against Kaepernick and proceeds to kiss his bicep, mocking Kaepernick’s often-used touchdown celebration, a.k.a. Kaepernicking.

“Is that how you do it?” Wilson asks after smooching his own bicep.

madden25smallAt the end of the video, we’re reminded that the Xbox is the official game console of the NFL — kind of a weird title to hold, isn’t it? — thanks to Microsoft’s huge new deal with the league.

Madden NFL 25, meanwhile, hits shelves today. The anniversary edition of the game broke Amazon records on Monday for best-selling pre-order sports title ever.

For gamers who plan buying the Xbox One this November but just can’t wait to play Madden, Amazon is offering a deal to upgrade your game for just $10.

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  • Kyle Lendick

    Wilson will get broke this year. Not big enough to be running around…

    • jimmy

      Is that what you think Lendick? Is that your thoughts on the matter? Because everyone reading the article was wondering what Lendick’s analysis on Wilson’d durability was, and now we have it. Thanks Lendick!

      • spiderpaz


    • Blake

      He’s around the same size as a lot of running backs. And he gets down or goes off the side when he runs. The possibility is always there, but he isn’t just running all willy-nilly and getting his head snapped around. I was sad to see RG3 get hurt so early in his career too.

      It’s so weird to see the Seahawks being so big now. Two Madden commercials, Lynch & Wilson. Wild stuff. I miss the days when I just yelled at the tv for them being so stupid lol.

  • Rus

    “A better throwing arm” ….highly debatable

  • Chris Miller

    You have to be biased to think RW1 has more potential than CK7!

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