Photo via Flickr user akarmy.
Photo via Flickr user akarmy.

It is going to be loud inside CenturyLink Field on Sunday evening — not just any kind of loud, but ear-splitting, world record-setting loud.

When the Seattle Seahawks welcome its rival San Francisco 49ers this weekend for Seattle’s NFL home-opener, 67,000 screaming fans will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for crowd noise.

The current record is 131.76 decibles, which was set on March 18, 2011 at a soccer match in Turkey. Seahawks fans have once hit 112 decibles, according to the team, so they’ll have to turn it up if they want to make the record book.

If you happen to be going to the game, here’s a little a trick to help the 12th Man increase the volume level: smartphone apps.

All you need to do is download a noise-making app — Crowd Noise App, Air Horn Sound, Noisemaker!, for example — and stick your phone in the air during the game.

Some of you — particularly evil 49ers fans — may think this is cheating. But according to Guinness’ guidelines, “any external instruments may be used by spectators to assist in generating a louder volume.” Guinness does prohibit venues from producing mechanical noise, but there’s nothing in there about individuals using electronics.

seahawksnoiseappIf you’re curious about exactly how loud the crowd is getting on Sunday, there are a few apps out there that record sound levels. Here are two good ones, based on reviews and ratings:

SPLnFFT Noise Meter (requires microphone)

Sound Meter+ (though it only records up to 130dB)

Now, the decibel reading on your app won’t be an exact measurement of the sound level based on Guinness’ rules. The organization requires the sound level to be measured with a Class 1 precision measuring noise level meter that is placed between 1.5 and 1.6 meters above the ground.

So, my recommendation is this: Leave the sound measurements to the experts, fire up a noise-making app and yell. The first of three official attempts to break the record will be during the 49ers’ first offensive possession, so make sure you’re in the stadium at kickoff, smartphone in hand, vocal chords ready to be used, eardrums ready to take a beating.

Go Hawks.


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  • Isaac Webster

    Seattle is crazy loud. I remember as a little kid watching Dave Kreig and the Hawks in the Kingdome blowing my ears out. I think we can get this noise record easily with an opponent we dislike as much as the Niners. Go Hawks!

  • Audio Guy

    I hope the Seahawks will have 75,000 pairs of earplugs to give out at the gate. if not, I smell a lawsuit as this is a very dangerous thing to encourage and endorse as a team/corporate entity.

    • MissBeth

      The team apparently IS NOT actually endorsing this record. It wont even be announced in the stadium. Unless people live under a rock, those going to the game are well aware of the run for the record. It’s been mentioned on EVERY TV news station, as well as every radio station and newspaper in town. Not to mention this stadium is known to be very load on any given Sunday even without the run for the record.

    • mceeh

      Actually, according to Volume12, they WILL be passing out free earplugs to everyone before the game because they DO care about hearing loss! Way to go!

    • mceeh

      See more here: In this blog post, they say, “… Volume 12 Blog believes we need to protect our own hearing at Seahawks games, and particularly at the September 15th game, which we know will be incredibly loud! With that in mind, we are proud to have partnered with the Hearing Health Foundation to support their efforts against hearing loss. A portion of our proceeds from the Official Volume 12 Hear the Cheer Tailgate Party will go to the Hearing Health Foundation to help fund hearing and balance research.

      Additionally, we send out a huge thank you to our friends at the Hearing Speech & Deafness Center in Seattle along with 3M for donating earplugs!!! We will be passing them out all around CenturyLink Field next Sunday before the game! Be on the lookout for the Volume 12 team prior to the game.”

  • Chase

    Arrowhead Stadium is still the loudest stadium in the NFL. The Chiefs don’t need a roof to help with the noise level. If the Chiefs were to have a roof like Seattle, they would shatter the record.

    • RobertCochrane

      Chiefs fans are loud – but it’s more of a wailing of despair sound from the decades of losses.

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