Satellite broadband company Kymeta names advisory board — including key Airbus exec


T. Allan McArtor, Chairman of Airbus Americas and a member of the new Kymeta advisory board.

Kymeta Corp., a Redmond-based company developing new technologies for receiving broadband Internet connections from satellites, announced its advisory board this morning. The names on the list include the chairman of Airbus Americas, T. Allan McArtor — a notable choice given that one of the planned applications of Kymeta’s antennas involves providing more reliable Internet connections to airplanes.

The company, backed by investors including Bill Gates, spun out of Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures to build broadband antennas based on metamaterials — using software to steer a beam that connects with the satellite, rather than the traditional approach of using moving components.

Here is the new advisory board as announced by Kymeta this morning.

T. Allan McArtor – Chairman of Airbus Americas, Inc.;
Tuvia Barak – former head of Tadiran, Inc.’s North American operations and a leading aerospace industry expert;
David R. Smith, Ph.D. – Professor at Duke University and Director of the Center for Metamaterials and Integrated Plasmonics;
Neil Mackay, Ph.D. – former President and CEO of EMS Technologies; and
Susan Irwin – President of Euroconsult US Inc. and a leading satellite industry advisor.