Despite disappointing early results for its homegrown tablet, Microsoft is pressing ahead with its Surface hardware strategy, preparing a next-generation Surface with incremental improvements, CEO Steve Ballmer assured employees this week.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at an earlier employee meeting. (Microsoft photo)

That’s according to The Verge and Neowin, which have inside details from an internal town hall meeting at Microsoft this week led by Ballmer and Kevin Turner, the company’s chief operating officer.  Ballmer told employees that the reaction to the new Surface has been positive inside the company, Neowin reports.

This might seem obvious to the outside world, but Ballmer also acknowledged during the meeting that the company’s sales of Windows PCs, tablets and phones aren’t living up to its own expectations, according to the reports.

“We’re not selling as many Windows devices as we want to,” he said, according to The Verge. Ballmer also acknowledged that the company made “a few more” Surface RT units that it could sell — requiring the company to cut the price and take a $900 million charge against its quarterly earnings last week.

Among other topics, Ballmer also talked about the need to land an official Instagram app for Windows Phone, according to the reports.

More: The Verge and Neowin.


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  • Guest

    Results of RT have been disappointing. Pro seems to be doing fine. If these leaked comments are accurate, I find Ballmer’s casualness to the RT write-off disturbing. This was a major misjudgment. A real leader would take full and clear accountability for that, not minimize it by saying they made a “few more” than required. Then again this entire news story appears to be based on a purported leak from an unspecified and therefore unverifiable “employee”. And I’d have to question the motivation, and therefore accuracy, of any employee who would leak the contents of an internal only meeting. Even if the comments themselves are correct, we lack the accompanying context.

  • Andrew

    RT is a toy and should have been priced as one. No more than $299, with a touchcover included. He makes way too many of mistakes and killing the company.

    • Jason Thomas Carter

      iPad is also a toy then. In fact, it’s even more of a toy than Surface RT.

  • Bill

    If they can get battery life better, then the Pro could really start to sell well. A big increase should be possible with the new Haswell chips if the increase the MacBook Air got is any indication. The 4 hour battery life in the Pro has been a huge impediment to sales to a key part of the target market–traveling professionals looking for a laptop replacement that ideally also would take the place of an iPad on the road. If the Pro had 8 hour battery life, I’d buy one tomorrow and my back would thank me when I travel.

    • Jason Thomas Carter

      Sounds like you are looking for the Surface RT. Better battery life, iPad replacement, the question is what do you have installed on your laptop that isn’t available on RT, on the web/cloud or via remote desktop? I’m a developer so I use Visual Studio and make apps on my Windows 8 Pro tablet, but you can’t make apps on an iPad, I can do that on my tablet, in contrast the CFO of the company I work for wanted a Surface but would not accept an RT, only wanted a Pro despite saying that it was for email, office, and internet use.So they get him a pro with less battery life and then compare that back to the iPad, ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t they just release the first edition of this piece of crap? Why, just get an Android tablet or an iPad. Say no to bloatware!

    • Guest

      Chris Russell, stop making a fool of yourself.

      • Guest

        It’s Martin McCaulley. Russell is another ex-MS troll. I know, hard to keep them all straight.

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