lumia920-lNokia’s Lumia 920 is now the most widely used Windows Phone device, reaching 14 percent of usage, and Nokia is by far the biggest maker of Windows Phones, with upwards of 80 percent of the market for Microsoft-powered devices.

That’s the word from AdDuplex, an app-promotion service for Windows Phone and Windows 8, drawing from its latest data about Windows Phone usage. The Windows Phone Central news site is reporting on the numbers in advance of their public release.

By comparison, the HTC 8S and 8X together have 8 percent of the market, according to the data. Samsung’s Windows Phone devices are lumped into the “other” category in the AdDuplex report. Samsung is the leading maker of Android devices and its mobile chief has called the demand for Windows devices “lackluster.”

That’s a big gap between Nokia and other makers of Windows Phones — perhaps more than might be considered healthy. It could help to explain reports that Microsoft is working on its own Windows Phone, which could help to balance out the equation with another flagship device.

Comparing old and new versions of Windows Phone, the AdDuplex numbers show Windows Phone 8 with 43 percent of Windows Phone usage (up from 19 percent in January), and Windows Phone 7 with 57 percent.


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  • asd

    lumia 920 picture

  • SilverSee

    Maybe it’s the fact that Nokia actually invests in Windows Phone, instead of just throwing a couple of handsets over the wall once a year for Microsoft and the carriers to market. Just a thought.

    • guest

      Given the poor adoption of WP and glacial pace of MS’s development compared to Android or even iOS, it’s a wonder that Samsung and HTC even bother doing that.

  • Jason Farris

    I just got another 920. Love that camera!

  • guest

    That’s like saying you’re the tallest midget.

  • Guest

    “80 percent of the market”? That’s phenomenal! Android and iPhone are practically history! “…for Microsoft-powered devices”? Yeah, whatever.

  • David Stanely

    No doubt that Lumia 920 is on top in Windows Phone market. Other brands like HTC are also trying to dominate the market but Nokia is now a good partner of Microsoft. Microsoft should also in to Windows Surface Phone and compete Nokia in Windows Phone market.

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