Is this the future of home search? Trulia today announced that it is working on a new Google Glass app, taking advantage of the cutting-edge augmented reality technology from the search giant that has yet to hit the mainstream market.

trulia-glass“After spending three weeks with the device, I can say this technology is in its early days, but there’s no denying it has the potential to be an incredibly powerful platform,” writes Trulia’s Jeff McConathy. “And because real estate shopping is such an inherently mobile experience, it’s perfect for a Trulia app.” McConathy said it took him about a week to build the app, and that they are continuing to work on improvements with hopes of having it available for Google Glass wearers to download.

You can almost imagine real estate nerds — both shoppers and agents — hitting the streets with the newfangled eyewear. (Only a select few have received Google Glass at this point).  Among other things, the app is designed to allows users to:

  • Get notifications when you’re near a home that meets your predetermined search criteria, such as neighborhood, number of bedrooms, and price range
  • View property listings easily and scroll through pictures with the flick of your finger
  • Have the property description read to you if you decide you want to learn more
  • Get directions to a home if you want to see the property yourself
  • Call or email the real estate agent directly from Glass

The development of Trulia’s Google Glass app also is notable, in part because the company has often followed the mobile applications of its longtime rival Zillow. But, in this case, it appears that Trulia beat its competitor to the punch.

A Zillow spokesman said that they are “always looking to build new apps that suit the needs of Zillow’s users, but I don’t have anything to announce at this time.” About 55 percent of Zillow’s visits during the first quarter occurred on a mobile device, though were assuming relatively few were occurring on Google Glass.

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  • Patrick Husting

    I can’t wait to see the Geekwire guys using these at the next event!

  • Kevin Lisota

    Trulia’s PR team may want to bring the example property in this video down to reality for the mere mortals outside of SFO. $1.2mil for a 1600 sq ft top floor condo? I guess if you can afford a $1500 pair of glasses, maybe such housing prices seem normal.

  • GlassTroll

    It’s all fun and games with Google Glass until someone runs up to you and yells “Glass, search donkey porn, play video, max volume” and runs off laughing…

  • Aaron Evans

    I was just reading Dracula for the first time. Unbeknownst to me, the first part of the story is about a remote real estate purchase, and in 1897 how the agent delivered a description and photographs to the prospective buyer. Of course there was no internet, so he had to deliver them in person to Transylvania. If only Mr. Harker had used Trulia.

  • Jack

    I cant wait for people to walk around with these glasses and run into poles, being distracted watching a movie.
    Even better – driving with these glasses!!!
    God help us!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • duyen tran

    The development of Trulia’s Google Glass app also is notable, in part
    because the company has often followed the mobile applications of its
    longtime rival Zillow.
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