qliance1Qliance Medical, the Seattle health services startup backed by venture capitalist Nick Hanauer, Zillow Chairman Rich Barton, comedian Drew Carey, Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos and others, has raised $5.5 million in venture capital financing according to a recent SEC filing.

Qliance, which operates primary health care clinics in the Puget Sound area, declined to discuss further details of the latest round, which pushes total funding for the company to $33 million.

Qliance offers primary care service for $64 to $129 per month, operating outside the traditional insurance reimbursement system. Earlier this year, it opened a clinic inside Expedia’s Bellevue office.

We’ll update the story as soon as we find out more from Qliance.

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  • Fomer Qliance Customer

    I tried them out for a year and they are really set up to maximize the providers income vs improve your health..(Ie 1000 patients at 1000 a year = 1million per doc) Their goal it to bill you directly and save costs on over-head but they have replaced that cost with the expected return to VC money. (this is their third round of funding)

    It also is a lot like a charter school cherry picking the best students. l you cut the number of patients (from 2,000 to 1,000) per provider but continue to practice the same medicine as they do at VM or Polyclinic and force other providers to pick up those who can’t afford the fees.. It is provder centered not patient centered and might work for those with NO insurance who can’t join the new plans but it is short sighted and not scalable (but nice for the docs)

    You have to carry insurance on top of the monthly fee so unless you plan on spending 500 to 1000 a year it doesn’t make any sense..

    Plus they practice old style medicine and sent me for tests (bone scan in a 40 something and tons of blood tests with NO symptoms) that I later learned were not necessary (and not part of the monthly fee). They also were slow to respond to email and referred me to a doctor who had been out of practice for a year.

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