We’ll learn more about the next-gen Xbox later this month.

Lots of rumors have been circulating around the Internet about what Microsoft will call the next-generation Xbox.

Will it be Xbox Infinity? What about Xbox Fusion? Or the long-rumored Xbox 720?

We’ll find out more when Microsoft reveals the new Xbox later this month in Redmond. But if you were running the Xbox division right now, what would you call the next-gen console?

Vote in the poll, or comment below if you’ve got something better than Infinity, Fusion or 720.

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  • Guest

    Xbox RT

  • Jason Farris

    Xbox One.

    • Guest

      Yep, that makes sense, continuing MS’s tradition of bad and confusing naming.

      • Jason Farris


    • Jason Farris


      • johnhcook

        Ha, nice work!! A future in branding. :)

  • Xbox Pandora

    Xbox Pandora

  • Matt


  • Blado the Great

    Xbox 8

  • Michael Hazell

    I think Xbox 720 will do just fine. To me it makes the most sense.

  • Alexander Stoklas

    XBOX 540

  • fanboi

    Xbox 365

  • Quadrivium

    Xbox Revolution

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      That would have been better. No more “Xbone” or “Xbox Done” jokes. Or “Playstation: 4, Xbox: 1”. Or “I’ve got 359 problems and Xbox is One”. Or “359 steps back”, “Xbox One out of Ten”, etc.

      But we’d still have “Xbox, Go Home” and I suppose someone would have come up with “Xbox Revolting”.

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