How does your tablet stand up? No, literally.

A day after Microsoft debuted a new version of its Surface tablet with an upgraded kickstand, overnight introduced a new accessory for its new Kindle Fire HDX tablets and revamped Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Called the Origami, it’s a case that attaches to the tablets magnetically — featuring a flap that not only covers the screen but can be folded to act as a stand.

The first surprise is that it doesn’t just work in landscape mode.

“Because our industrial design team is so darned ingenius, this fold and the shape make it also very good in portrait mode,” explained Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, demonstrating the cover during a media briefing earlier this week.

And for an additional trick, it’s possible to push the Kindle Fire up from inside the case to expose the camera on the back of the tablet, and the device automatically switches to camera mode, bypassing the lock screen.

Pricing ranges from $44.99 for a polyurethane Origami cover for the new Kindle Fire HD to $54.99 for a polyurethane version for the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX. Leather versions of the cover are an extra $15 over those prices at each level.

Here’s a series of pictures that I took at Amazon showing the Origami in action.






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  • Guest

    So how was it sitting on your lap? That’s really the rest.

    • Guest

      rest > test. Need more coffee…

    • Todd Bishop

      Great question, and good observation. My oversight — I didn’t get a chance to try it out on my lap, but based on the form factor and the way the blades hit the surface, tabletop seems to be the intended use.

      • Guest

        Okay. Thanks!

  • Phil Gates

    “Because our industrial design team is so darned ingenious…”

  • Matt

    If you have it width ways on your lap it sits in the perfect position as the blades slide right between your legs and hold it secure. Especially if you have your feet up and are sitting comfortably. Length wise/portrait position not so good on your lap. That is best suited for a table or any semi flat surface(bed,couch, etc….)

  • kat

    JUst received a new kindle HD 8.9 with an origami cover. It will not stay in the cover what am i doing wrong?

  • kat

    Hello, any one here to help me?

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