Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told Reuters last month that the sales of the Wii U, which debuted Nov. 18, were “not bad.” Well, new numbers show that it’s worse than that.

CNET is reporting that Nintendo sold just 57,000 Wii U’s last month, barely 20 percent of what Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (281,000) sold during the same time frame. That’s also a far cry from its predecessor, the Wii, which sold 435,000 units in its first January on shelves in 2007.

Things aren’t exactly going well for Nintendo. On its earnings call two weeks ago, the company reduced sales forecasts for the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and DS for the current quarter. That followed a previous reduction in October. Nintendo had expected to sell 5.5 million Wii U’s by March, on a cumulative basis, but now the company predicts the total number will be just 4 million.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the top-selling console in February in the United States, marking its 25th straight month atop the U.S. console market. The company finished ahead of the PlayStation 3, Wii and Wii U.

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  • Guest

    Ouch. Nintendo stands to lose $8-10 billion on Wii U, the most of any video game console in history. Why can’t they pivot to develop games for more viable consoles, like Sega does?

  • Adam Gering

    You still can’t buy one on Amazon without using a third-party seller. Prices were well above MSRP until after Christmas. So I didn’t buy one.

    Why the supply problem if they sold so few? Sounds like a serious screw up limiting supply (artificially?), not getting direct sales/promotion by Amazon, and letting third-party sellers monopolize inventory.

    They overshot their market’s price point and undershot the hardware; doesn’t feel like a good value at all. What the bill of materials cost? Microsoft subsidizes their hardware heavily.

    Next Christmas I’ll be buying the kids an XBox 720 if available, won’t likely ever get a Wii U. Second screen(s) will play heavily in the future of gaming, but being first to market was not beneficial.

  • Tod

    Nintendo is going to die soon

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