Can someone please explain this creep-tastic ad for Nokia’s Windows 8 tablet?

Nokia really wants its new Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet to succeed. There’s a good reason for that: after all, they don’t want their Windows RT tablet to go the way of the Surface RT. So, what better way to encourage users to buy than to give them nightmares?

Yes, that’s an official ad for the 2520, complete with a creepy barber, mysterious hair growth, an ominous assistant, and the return of the mullet. The point of the ad is that the 2520 is ready for both business and fun, like the mullet was supposed to be. It’s a far cry from their last ad, which seems incredibly tame by comparison.

Still, it’s been a while since “business in the front, party in the back” has been a fashionable statement, and this creepy hairdresser’s strange magic doesn’t seem to be a great way to bring that back.

It’ll be interesting to see if Nokia brings this same sensibility with them to Microsoft. It could make those seemingly ever-present “Scroogled” ads a bit more interesting.

  • BogenDorpher

    Not sure if creeped out or interested in a phablet..but this ad makes me want to get a mullet

  • Patrick Husting

    Two things

    1. Why was this ever filmed?
    2. Why did Microsoft/Nokia even sponsor it?

    Just plain dumb

  • Barnaby Dorfman

    The fingernail fungus made me throw up a little in my mouth.

  • Pascal

    For the very reason you asked… make people talk. Now, you could have done it in 30 seconds – lot less expensive to produce and place plus increases the ratio of product display over non-sense