Apple isn’t the first phone-maker to offer its devices in a variety of colors, and Nokia cleverly wanted to make sure people were aware of that.

In response to Apple’s debut today of the new colorful iPhone 5C, Nokia had a simple response this morning on Twitter to tout the fact that its Lumia phones have long been available in different colors.

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“Imitation is the best form of flattery,” headlined the tweeted photo, along with Nokia’s own colorful phones below and the words “Thanks, #Apple ;),” in the tweet.

Well played, Nokia. Head here for more iPhone coverage from today’s big Apple event.

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  • Tim Acheson

    First they copied the OS (iOS7 is blatantly imitates WP8) and now the whole handset!

    • Stephen Medawar

      Now Samsung doesn’t know who they should be copying. :)

    • Trever

      Have you seen the comparisons between the two? Its astounding how much they copied! look here; tinyurl(.)com/p2r94h4

    • David

      What are you talking about? Nobody copied anyone. iOS 7 has way much better and much more balanced design and look then W8 could ever have. Plus there are no similarities between those two designs. W8 started somewhat new trend called metro, if i may say so. And iOS7 just followed the good old fashioned minimalism, which is mostly present in their hardware looks (for instance iMac, MacBook or iPod). New iOS completes it’s hardware design and is not imitating WP8.

    • jay

      EVERYONE copied Apples iOS/iPhone.

      • munchy

        actually apple copyed windows 6.5 mobile that people used with htc home as a interface which created a true touchscreen phone a couple of years before iPhone came out lol. but only advanced users spent time to create it 1hour roughly lol. Apple to their credit Put it all together so basic users didn’t have to. The end result was not a beter version of home it was a simpler version of home, but they did have pinch to zoom ill give them that. So really apple copied windows and htc partnership lo/, remember titan phones running widows mobile 6 with home ui.
        Either way who cares they all copy each other just look at poor android whos action center is copied by both its main competitors apple and windows.

        lets face it if Microsoft and windows partnered up and made a phone with home on it and completely closed off the windows side to end users, it would now be Microsoft with 80% of the market, cause event to this day home could still stand up that’s for sure.

  • Eric Rzeszut

    Nokia (really, Microsoft) is being cute. Do they think they invented the idea of devices in multiple colors? Hello, original iMac? iPod Mini? For that matter, the Sony Walkman came in multiple colors!!! So Apple’s imitating Nokia who imitated Apple who imitated Sony?

    Sad for Nokia/Microsoft, but Windows Phone is an also-ran in the mobile phone space, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

    • guest

      Nokia cellphones came in colors in the late 90’s. Interchangeable even then. Apple is following the current trend set by Nokia (and Windows Phones in general i.e. htc 8x) of multiple color choices for phones, even an apologist can’t deny that.

      • Eric Rzeszut

        *shrugs* If you say so. The colored iMacs came out in the late 90s as well. Offering multi-color options is nothing new for Apple.

        • ben nibohs

          Nobody is saying who invented colours, we are talking about who is currently selling colours that are already available on the market, why is it that apple all of a sudden have to move into the nokia style of colour range, and even the EXACT SAME COLOURS at that. Are they so lazy that they cant be bothered to make better looking phones, so they just steal someone else’s ideas? Plus, you dont see sony imitating nokia, they stick with 1 or 2 colours and just make, recognizable and good looking phones, THAT is a good example.

          • Jeffery P. Ess

            Nokia didn’t invent the color palate. CAUS establishes a forcasted color system for the world to select colors from. They set the trends. No one is copying anyone. The trending color palate that surrounds us today was designed years ago. This is why the color trending in Target looks like, The Gap, Nike, Apple, Microsoft, etc… They have these colors picked out 6 months to a year in advance. Look at the iPods. It’s virtually the same color palate and they’ve been out a while. You don’t choose colors over night. This is a really dumb conversation.

          • David

            Totally agree with you. Such a dumb conversation.
            Even more, this is such a dumb comparison.

        • seth thomas

          Ford has been offering vehicles of many colors for more than 100 years. Even Joseph from the old testament in the bible had a coat made of multi-colors – that’s more than just 1!!! I bet I know the next best thing.

    • Guest

      It’s still Nokia until 2014, even assuming the deal gets clearance, which isn’t guaranteed. And they’re not being cute, just accurate. Not only is Nokia the person who recently popularized colored phones, they were among the first to ever ship one beginning back in 1992 or so, or long before Apple shipped a colored anything.
      Nokia and MS certainly have a lot of ground to make up. But then you probably used to argue that share didn’t mean anything when shilling for the Mac, so at least be consistent now that Nokia/WP are similarly position on a worldwide basis.

  • ShirleyLn

    That’s pathetic if it’s the only thing Nokia can take credit for. In that case, Bubble Gum industry would be a grandfather of Nokia’s “color invention”!

    • devin

      ShirleyLn, Not sure how long you’ve been around but believe me Nokia can take a lot more credit then that.. How many of Nokia’s patents are used in Iphones, samsungs and everything else? Who created the first car phone. On what phone was the first ever GSM call made on?

  • kay

    LOL you’re the one to talk who was the one who invented smartphones lol acting like you own this shit

  • Scott Souder

    Moto X and the Note 3 are coming in a dozen different colors and materials. Colors are old news, but since Apple finally came out with it, most people will think they started the trend.

    • Jozef

      No they won’t.

  • jackvega

    I didn’t realize Nokia invented colors.

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