2dsNintendo is trying a new approach in the market for handheld gaming. No, it’s not launching Mario and Zelda games for smartphones or tablets.

The company plans to release a new handheld gaming device, the Nintendo 2DS, which it describes as an entry-level gaming system, selling for $129.99 and launching on Oct. 12.

The new 2DS will play games made for the Nintendo 3DS (except in 2D, rather than 3D) and also more than 2,000 games made for the Nintendo DS. The 2DS has dual screens, including a touch screen, plus wireless connectivity for multiplayer gaming. However, there’s no hinge, so it’s flat and not foldable like the other DS devices.

The price of the 2DS is $40 less than the current price of the Nintendo 3DS.

The move comes amid a broader shift in the market toward gaming apps on smartphones and tablets, which have put a squeeze on dedicated handheld gaming devices like those from Sony and Nintendo.

Also today, Nintendo said it will be dropping the price of the Wii U Deluxe Set to $300, a $50 decrease, starting on Sept. 20. That move comes in the buildup to the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4, which will sell for $399, and Microsoft’s Xbox One, which will sell for $499.

Here’s a video of the 2DS in action.

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  • Guest

    This is a terrible move. The hinge was critical to protecting those large, beautiful screens which my issue routinely break. Strike one.

    The 3D experience, so central to the Nintendo experience, has now been rendered optional. Game devs are thusly disincentivised from developing for 3D. Strike two.

    Nintendo handhelds continue to deemphasize online gameplay, in stark contrast to other handheld gaming platforms such as iPhone, which even children as young as my issue are recognise as important. Strike three.

    As so many children would say, “Your out.”

    • Darren

      No hinge to break…Base hit.
      Gets rid of useless 3D (that no one uses)…Double
      Get the kid off my phone and can still play WiFi with friends…Home-run

      And it’s spelled “you’re out”

      • Guest

        Buy your issue a smartphone. No hinge, no 3D, and no use of your phone. Done. You can even get him a smartphone for like 99 cents, nearly $130 less than Nintendo 2DS.

        You’re move.

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