What does Microsoft have to do with the Nikon camera pictured here? Nope, it isn’t running a form of Windows.

Microsoft has reached a patent licensing agreement with Nikon to receive royalties on cameras that use Google’s Android operating system. It’s the latest in a series of licensing deals between Microsoft and Android device makers, based on Microsoft’s claims that Android infringes on its patents.

Financial terms weren’t disclosed, but Microsoft says the deal “provides broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for certain Nikon cameras running the Android platform.” Microsoft has signed similar licensing deals with companies ranging from Samsung and LG to HTC and Barnes & Noble.

Nikon’s Coolpix S800C, released last year, was touted as the first camera in the Coolpix line to also be an Android smart device.

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  • guest

    How much longer can Motorola hold out?

  • chris livermore

    This **should** be embarrassing to Microsoft but unfortunately when you stop innovating you also stop worrying about your reputation.

    • guest

      So using your logic Apple and Google, who also enforce their patents, have stopped innovating and no longer care about their reputation?

      • Paul

        Chris only lasted nine months in the belly of the beast. So he still has some unresolved hostility…

  • Guest

    Congrats to Microsoft! Their Android OS is everywhere and the cheese just keeps on flowing down the gravy train pipeline. Bam!

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