Before today, the NBA let you watch game highlights, big dunks, buzzer-beaters, and similar replay-worthy clips.

Now, though, the league is taking it to a serious new level. Fans can now access a a box score from a game during the past two years and click on any single stat — whether it’s a 3-pointer, turnover or missed free throw — and see video evidence within seconds.

Yep, that’s right: Whether it was the most memorable shot ever or an absolutely bone-headed mistake, video from every play of every game will be available 45 minutes following its conclusion.

For example, here’s the box score from Portland’s 113-101 win over Golden State on Saturday. Every single stat is hyperlinked to the associated video replay — click on LaMarcus Aldridge’s 21 rebounds, and you can see every single one. Click on Nicolas Batum’s 9 shots, and you’ll see every single one.


As a hoops fan and a tech geek, this technology built by SAP is really awesome. It’s another impressive tool from the NBA, which debuted its revamped stats portal in February and installed data-tracking cameras in every arena for this season.

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  • Jake


  • Joseph Sunga

    This is impressive. I see this being adopted by the MLB and NFL, hopefully sooner rather than later. Is the NBA backfilling this for previous years or is it only for this season and on?

    • daryn

      Seems like a lot of work for questionable returns. What’s in it for the league?

      • Joseph Sunga

        I suspect the NBA is finding out that their fans are wanting more granular clips. The ability to provide on-demand video for every play is pretty cool. It may be too granular, but if you’re able to easily find it on rather than Youtube, ESPN, or Yahoo! — more folks might actually visit I’m all for giving more control back to the fan.

      • Taylor Soper

        Only for last season and this season. And yeah, it’s kind of a what’s-the-point-of-that feature. But, still very cool. And I think the league figure that if it owns all this video, it might as well put it to good use.

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