The photo of Liya Kebede now adorns the Lockerz Twitter account.

Lockerz, the heavily-funded Seattle social commerce startup backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG Ventures and others, is going through a transition with executives departing; products changing and assets being sold off.

And now something funky is going on with the company’s Twitter account, which up until a few days ago boasted more than 600,000 followers on @Lockerz.

Earlier today, Rival IQ founder John Clark, who assists GeekWire with our monthly recap of the GeekWire 200 list, noticed that Lockerz’ account had dropped to near zero. Even more bizarre, the profile photo had been switched to a woman, which we later identified as Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede.

What the heck is going on here?

As it turns out, Lockerz switched its Twitter account over to AdorStyle a few days ago, part of new and secretive product push by the company. As part of that effort, the more than 600,000 Twitter users who were following @Lockerz were transferred to the new Twitter handle @AdorStyle.

However, the old Lockerz Twitter page is still up — now with just two followers and one Tweet that links to a service called Twiends.

Lockerz CEO Mark Stabingas told us that they switched the Twitter activity over to Ador Style, but he wasn’t sure what was going on with the old handle @Lockerz. “I’m not sure who that person is as we are still supposed to control the Lockerz Twitter ID,” said Stabingas, referring to the photo of Kebede. He said that he was reaching out to Twitter to find out more about it.

Stabingas said that they have no plans to drop the Lockerz brand name, though the former manager did note that they are focusing more on Ador. Interestingly, Ador is reportedly working on an online fashion site where shoppers can “get new arrivals & sales alerts from your favorite stores.”

Maybe they should ask Kebede for help on that given her unexpected appearance on the company’s Twitter account.

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  • dudebro326

    Nobody cares about what this site does anymore. It’s pretty much in shambles, led by Kathy Savitt’s inexperience, numerous affairs and now, Mark Stabingas’s incompetency. This company needs to shut down, stat. It’s just a red-headed step child of the startup community that’s bleeding money and full of so much dirty laundry, one could write 10 novels about the haps here.

    • Paul Uhlir

      If someone just writes one I will read it.

  • Rob H.

    Kathy Savitt reportedly had an extramarital affair with the CMO of Lockerz (at the time). Both covered it up, and her lies continued to percolate through the company. The staff turned over three times during her tenure, she went through four CMOs before giving up completely on finding one, and she inflated all of her revenue and traffic numbers to look good for the board. This woman belongs in jail.

  • Marcus

    I think there is a possibility Lockerz may be switching back to its old direction of earning for what you do on the web. I believe Ador will basically take over the fashion stuff lockerz has been experimenting with over the last few years

    • Davie

      I believe there is a possibility Lockerz may be running out of funding and after four years of zero direction on their product whilst shady business practices and a staff that has turned over numerous times, this will become reality.

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