Can a little humor improve Microsoft’s fortunes in the U.S. smartphone market?

The company just released this preview of a new ad that attempts to differentiate Windows Phone from Apple and Samsung by poking fun at stereotypical users of the leading smartphones. The ad shows the guests at a wedding getting into an all-out fight over their phones, as the servers stand by, serenely using their Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phones in the middle of the fray.

This is a classic challenger’s advertising strategy, as Microsoft explicitly refers to the competing devices in an effort to differentiate its own product. The company is trying to become the clear No. 3 vs. iOS and Android,  as BlackBerry attempts to make a resurgence of its own.

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    • Victor

      Spammer with a real ID?

  • Scott Moore

    I almost feel bad for Windows phone resorting to Nokia, and those gawd awful colors. Windows and Nokia; it’s like KFC and Taco Bell. Combining the worst of the worst in hopes to be the worst of the best. Well played Mr. Ballmer. Well played.

  • Aaron Evans

    We hope to someday be #3 — if only the current #3 would die. Not exactly a great business strategy.

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