Microsoft this morning released an update for its popular Photosynth app, bringing the panoramic photo-stitcher to Windows Phone 8 with an expanded feature set.

The app lets users take pictures of a scene from a variety of angles and directions. It then stitches the photos together into a smooth interactive experience that can be navigated after the fact to explore the scene in 360 degrees, moving from picture to picture.

Here are the new features, as explained by the company in a blog post.

  • Lens integration – Quickly capture and view panoramas by launching Photosynth directly from the camera.
  • Ability to view shared panoramas—New sharing capabilities let other Windows Phone 8 users view your panoramas on their phone, and as always you can show off your panoramas by email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • More camera controls – Adjust for various lighting conditions by using new exposure and white balance locking options.

Photosynth, previously available for Windows Phone 7.5, is also available on the web, and an earlier version of the app is available for iPad and iPhone.

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  • guest

    Good to see it finally come to WP. But I’ve always felt like MS missed Photosynth’s true potential. Stitching is a minor part of that. The ability to aggregate user submitted photos and create 3d views from that seems like it could and should have become a killer mobile/social app. I could even imagine a gaming dimension being added to that. Now other like Google have copied some of the features and are making their own plays in this space.

    • JimmyFal

      I couldn’t agree with you more here. The biggest potential, and maybe they are workign on it, would be the ability to zoom way way in by adding more pics to the synth. You can already do that, but then it comes out as a tiled view that is not as smooth as the panorama. MS need to step up in many areas. I think they are spread a little to thin.

      • guest

        Yes, everything just seems to take too long at MS these days. And by the time they finally get around to doing it, competitors have moved in and are given credit as the “inventors”. Imagine every mobile user worldwide contributing photos such that every interesting attraction on earth could be modeled in 3d, perhaps providing credits and achievements as part of that, and surfacing the results via Bing search. Seems like such a natural, but it hasn’t happened.

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