Microsoft this morning announced a Feb. 9 release date for its upcoming Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablet, the version of the machine that runs on traditional Intel processors and supports legacy Windows applications.

The date represents a delay from the January release previously signaled by the company. Microsoft noted that it’s still within the timeframe of “approximately” 90 days after the release of the Surface with Windows RT, which came out in late October.

As previously announced, a 64GB version of Surface Pro will sell for $899, and a 128GB version will sell for $999. Neither of those versions will come with the signature Surface keyboard cover, which can be purchased separately. Both versions will come with a Surface pen as part of the package.

Microsoft also said it will start offering a 64GB Surface Windows RT on a standalone basis, not bundled with a Touch Cover as it is currently.

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  • guest


  • Guest

    This price doesn’t make sense.

  • Ballmaster B

    Let me know when they release info about the battery life.

    • Guest

      42 watt-hours of battery, 17W CPU. You do the math.

      • Michael Hazell

        You also have to consider screen size, and the brightness level. CPU alone can’t determine battery life alone.

  • Guest

    I’m just flabbergast. I really don’t know who they think is going to pay $900 for a Surface without a keyboard. That’s on par with a Macbook Air once you add in the keyboard and wasn’t the keyboard supposed to be the differentiator anyway?

    I hate to say it but the Suface is starting to look really Kin/Zune like.

  • john

    seriously? I would rather pick up two ipads with that price!

    • Guest

      Nexus 7s for the whole family.

    • Jason Farris

      Get 10 iPads while your at it, since no matter how many you own they can’t do what a SurfacePro can. Apples and Oranges.

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