It’s late August, and that means back to school at thousands of college campuses around the world. Aimed at university students who might be considering a tablet purchase, Microsoft just came out with a new advertisement that carries a simple message: iPads suck in class.

windowscollegead1In another swing at Apple, the 30-second spot touts the multitasking abilities of the Lenovo Yoga tablet, as well as the Yoga’s attached keyboard. While in a college poetry class, the woman using a Yoga effortlessly switches from playing Wordament to her Word doc. Meanwhile, her fellow students — conveniently all iPad users — fumble with their Apple product and end up falling behind as the professor reads The Second Coming aloud.

“Have fun and get your homework done,” Microsoft says at the end.

While tablet use is certainly on the rise, I barely saw any during my college classes a few years ago — a majority of students took notes on laptops or the ancient method of pen and paper. Whether that changes remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Microsoft thinks its tablets have the upper hand for maintaining that 4.0 GPA.

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  • Patrick Husting

    I have that same Lenovo Yoga convertible laptop. It is a pretty excellent device.

  • Guest

    I once saw a man trying to use iPad. He failed.

    Were he to have had Microsoft Surface, there’s a good chance he would have won.

    • Jurassic

      Thank you for your ludicrous comment, Mr. Microsoft. ;-)

  • Chilly

    nobody actually uses laptops/tablets to take notes in class. too distracting when you have the whole internet right there. anyone who actually wants to pay attention during class just uses pen and pad.

    • Mike

      Have you been in a college classroom lately. It is all laptops and tablets. Not sure where your comment is coming from.

      • Chilly

        my comment is coming from college sucka! i’m writing this in class.

        • Chilly

          i’m not saying people don’t use laptops in class, i’m saying everybody uses laptops in class and nobody takes notes.

        • YourProfessor

          pls pay attention, Chilly

    • procvar

      I went through my grad school with a laptop, as did virtually everybody in my class. Pen & pad were reserved for graphs and charts that are hard to replicate on the computer.

      Having everything in my OneNote also means that I can search for content easier when I need to.

  • Roger Dodger

    Microsoft has now reached the level of a 2am TV commercial/infomercial. Specifically those commercials/infomercials that make a super simple task look overly difficult, in a ridiculous way, for the sake of selling their widget.

    I use an iPad for taking notes during work meetings everyday and have absolutely no problems at all. I use Evernote and a Logitech bluetooth keyboard/cover and it works great!

  • Michael

    More FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) from the experts at it.

  • gerdo888

    Felt so relieved I left MS years ago. Otherwise, it would be rather embarrassing to work for a company that keeps pumping out commercials like this, huh?

  • Tommy

    You can take your iPad to class but if you need to do work you take your Mac…
    Have you been to an Apple store lately, every parent is buying their kid a new Mac. Go to the Microsoft store… watch the employees playing with Kinect because they have nothing better to do after dusting the Surfaces, phones and klunky iPad wannabees.

  • Shelby

    I am no longer a college student (yay?) but I’ll be honest, my Yoga is fantastic and if I had this in college, I could have been much more efficient in my mindless Reddit browsing. I mean note taking.

  • panacheart

    You know a company is losing the market share battle when they resort to a negative value proposition in their advertising.

  • Mike_Acker

    schools should adhere to vendor neutral specs for submitting home work. choice of browser (from list, e.g. IE10 or 11, Chrome, or Firefox, or Safari ) .

    essays should be submitted in .pdf format, not word, etc. IT classes might be product specific,– Access, Apache, etc

  • JustAnotherFrequentObserver

    Funny to see Microsoft labeled as the mastermind of FUD when I believe it was Apple who a number of years ago leaped back into the market with their PC vs. MAC commercials. Ahh how short the general consumer memory is.

  • loki

    Good one…but I was not sure what that laptop was until I read the comment below about Yoga. MS please educate users…

  • guest

    So much irrelevant comments. Answer the simple question: taking notes in a classroom with ipad or yoga, which is easier?

  • Asok Asus

    It seems like these kinds of ads would be counterproductive for Microsoft, since presumably most of the folks who own iPads find them useful and would not believe Microsoft’s attacks on ipads, which means they would then be highly unlikely to believe Microsoft’s claims regarding Windows 8 tablets. Furthermore, these folks would be inclined to communicate these believes to their friends who may not yet have an ipad and were thinking about getting one.

    This Microsoft ad would be like Chevrolet showing an ad where someone
    who bought a Ford crashed and burned because the Ford was so unsafe. Besides, I thought it was axiomatic in advertising not to dwell on the other guy’s product, especially by brand name because that’s just giving free advertising to the other guy. In fact, with the exception of colas, you almost never see this approach used. I can only assume these ads have been done out of sheer desperation (or maybe just garden variety incompetence).

  • Bob Harwelle

    id buy a surface pro 2 if it was cheaper. till then ipad mini woo!

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