Smartphones, for the most part, are pretty awesome tech tools. But they also pissed us off sometimes just as much as they help.

phonemanners.jpgMicrosoft Safer Online Facebook poll found the top-five mobile pet peeves:

  1. Checking phones constantly
  2. Talking loudly
  3. Using or not silencing phones when appropriate
  4. Using phones during face-to-face conversation
  5. Delaying traffic by using phones

What are your biggest cell phone pet peeves? Personally, I can’t stand people looking at their phones when I’m trying to talk to them. The sad part is that I sometimes do it, too.

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  • Bob Egan

    The two guys sitting in front of me last night texting through 1/2 a movie w/ the screen brightness on high.

    Ps. I finally had enough and told them to shut it off or get out. The two chaps from India, left the theatre, called the police, saying that I was “bullying them”. Police came – thankfully, they were thrown out.

    • RobertinSeattle

      Yes, Bob – the stupidest part is these inconsiderate idiots always wonder what THEY could possibly have done wrong!

      Same goes for the jerk at the head of the line in the left turn lane at a signal who’s too distracted to pay attention to the light as it goes through a full cycle with everyone behind them honking away.

      Add the fact that probably anywhere from 15 – 25% of drivers are probably also ADHD and we do have a serious problem.

      My favorite joke about the Drivers’ Test is they should make people do that simple “rub-your-tummy-and-pat-your-head-at-the-same-time” trick as part of the standard test. If you can’t do two simple things like that together, you certainly shouldn’t get your driver’s license because obviously you’ll be holding traffic up while texting! LoL!

    • Eric Lavallee

      Cell phones and people who constantly use them have serious issues.

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