ieMicrosoft this morning issued the release preview of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, following up on the earlier developer preview in an attempt to reach a wider audience in advance of the browser’s official debut this fall.

IE11, originally available as a preview for Windows 8.1, promises a variety of speed and performance improvements in addition to better standards support and compatibility with touch-screen devices.

The IE11 release preview for Windows 7 is available for download here.

With the new preview, the company is making another attempt to win back Windows users who have shifted over the years to Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. Internet Explorer’s desktop market share has been rising slightly in recent months, reaching 57.6 percent in August, according to Net Market Share data. However, IE remains well below the dominant market share that it enjoyed in years (and decades) past.

Here’s a video that the company put out along with the release preview this morning.

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  • Guest

    Does every Microsoft-related article require a snarky headline? As you mention, albeit buried in the second to last paragraph, IE share has been rising. And not “slightly in recent months” but on a sustained basis since October 2012, according to your own source no less. Meanwhile Chrome and FF have declined. I’m not a MS apologist and they’ve certainly lost massive share since the height of their dominance, but c’mon.

  • Ehsan Samani

    I find IE11 very similar to IE10 when it comes to behavior on the desktop. for those who are interested I recommend a little write-up I did on the topic. Evolution of IE9, IE10 and IE11 on X64

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