microsoftebayMicrosoft today unveiled a new place to buy its products: eBay.

Just in time for a holiday push, the Redmond software giant today announced the debut of its eBay store in the U.S.

ebay1-2The store, which mimics the design of the official online Microsoft store, will sell first-party Microsoft products including the Surface RT, Surface Pro, Xbox 360, Kinect and other accessories. So far, the Xbox One nor the Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 are available.

Microsoft’s new eBay store will use the same return policy as and accepts PayPal and major credit cards.

“Our customers can expect the same safe online shopping experience, return policy and free shipping from the Microsoft Store on eBay that they’ve come to expect on,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Check out the new store here.

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  • Christopher Budd

    Genuine question (not trolling): any thoughts on why is Microsoft doing this?

    I ask first because they’re already got an online store and so this would just seem to double the overhead and confuse customers on where to go (a single point of sale always being best and most authoritative). And won’t their products be comingled in search with 3rd party sellers? It looks like it here:

    I ask second (and here we’re getting into my opinions and biases I admit) because I tend to think of eBay as a fossil left over from the dot com boom (does anyone even use it any more?). And I don’t think of it as a trustworthy or particularly reputable site. On the last I feel that way because I’ve felt for many years that they’ve chosen not to do anything about them being such a prominent spam/phishing lure. I’ve gotten legit emails from them that look like spam/phishing. And to the security point, I’d be concerned that some of those 3rd party search results will be pirate/illegal copies.

    So I just don’t understand why Microsoft would incur all these risks.

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