Paul Allen just sold this painting “Onement VI” at Sotheby’s for $43.8 million. Via Wikipedia.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen — one of the richest men in the world — must have a pretty good eye for investing in art.

Allen sold the above 1953 abstract painting by American abstract artist Barnett Newman at Sotheby’s for $43.8 million on Tuesday, a whopping price tag that exceeded the $30 million to $40 million that The New York Times thought the massive 8.5 by 10 foot piece would fetch.

Last month, The Times noted that Newman’s “Onement V” sold at auction for $22.4 million. In the latest auction for “Onement VI,” an anonymous bidder from Italy purchased the work of art.

What’s Allen, who acquired the painting 13 years ago, going to do with the cash?

No word on that front. A spokeswoman for Paul Allen’s private investment arm, Vulcan, declined to comment.

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  • QueenCamRothschild

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  • Jaymz Nylon

    Inspiration for the metro UI?

  • Nagurski

    I can do that for a lot less money. With meaning too. I would have liked to have heard some art critic spout off about how nice the emperors new clothes look.

  • Ralph O’Brien IV

    Seriously. 43.8 million dollars for THAT! What pretentious idiot would pay that kind of money for a blue window?!

  • adfkj988d222

    That is not art and is worth only $25.00 if you ask me.

    • Stevo128

      Could you please define “Art” for us?

      • Thoehner

        Well, if you define art as enlightening, beautifying, driving a emotional response…it qualifies as art in that I’m appalled that that piece of crap got that kind of money. It wouldn’t get $10 at a yard sale. It only shows how much people are brainwashed by the media and so called intellectuals that that is even considered art. This is one of those “Emperor wears no clothes moments”

        • Charles Peters

          It is WHO created it that makes it worth so much.

          • Ahr Cee

            What about Dubya’s or Churchill’s art therapy smearings?

  • paddy

    Proof that people can be conned into believing the complete opposite of what all logic and common sense tells them. My 6 year old can do better with a paint roller and chalk dissolved in water! A fool and his money————–?

    • Charles Peters

      Too bad your 6 year old isnt famous and sought after for their work.

      Barnett Newman (January 29, 1905 – July 4, 1970) was an American artist. He is seen as one of the major figures in abstract expressionism and one of the foremost of thecolor field painters.

      • Petri

        Thank you for giving me his birth and death dates! Otherwise I’d be like “The hell is this guy talking about?”

      • Ahr Cee

        Your mind has been adversely affected by the drivel in Art News.
        “Color Field” indeed.
        Franz Liebkin’s description of Hitler’s painting skills comes to mind;
        ” …dere vas a paintah. he could do a whole apahtment in one aftahnoon—two coats.”

  • jon

    I have some things I would sale them and they can call it art or what ever

  • Ahr Cee

    Apparently the embarrassment and humiliation among The Artsy Fartsy Crowd… consequent to the discovery of what Andy Warhol really valued as “Art”…as he scammed the older among them, has worn off and been forgotten.
    To paraphrase P. T. Barnum:
    There’s a customer born every 60 seconds.

  • Keith W Henline

    Hey you bought Microsoft Windows and it is just as worthless as that painting. Keep it in the family, I bet Paul has a nice collection of pet rocks worth billions and several cans of fresh air from Hawaii. :)

  • Clark Washington

    Hey Paul,
    Take some of the gains and fix Windows Office 2013. Hire some Indians to fix all the bugs in these programs. Bought Office 2013 and days later can’t open a single file related to word, excel, powerpoint, etc. Come MS, you can do better than that!…..Maybe not. Just heard MS is doing a U Turn on windows 8. Don’t buy anything MS has done until next year or until all the bugs are fix.

    • Blake Owens

      The comment might be relevant if it started off ‘Hey Steve’. Paul hasn’t worked for Microsoft since 1985.

      • Clark Washington

        Point taken. Perhaps Paul can give some of the proceeds to Steve B and MS and hire some Americans to fix windows because those H1-B workers aint cuttin’ it!

  • Mark MacKay

    You really don’t need to get mad at the painting. It’s not a trick to make you feel bad. It’s a painting made by a person working out some ideas about perception or materiality or existence. An experiment. An observation.

    Is it one field of color with a white line placed over it? Are there two distinct fields of color? Is it possible to determine the velocity of the brush strokes?Or is the surface flat, appearing machine made? Is there any evidence of the artists hand in the making? Why this color?

    Approach the painting—or it’s approximation onscreen—and notice where your eyes travel.

    Is this a painting of a flat space? Is it an articulation of deep space? Is this a painting about one color the artist has chosen to use? Has the artist chosen this color to encourage the viewer to more thoughtfully consider the white central element?

    This is not a trick. This is a painting.

    If you turn away it will still be there being itself—not regarding you.

    This is a painting. An opportunity to see.

    • Chris Fortney

      Good guy, good guy.

      • Mark MacKay

        If you’re in Seattle check out the Wright Exhibition Space. Odd hours. Curated shows drawn from an astounding private collection.

  • Chris Fortney

    You all attack artists like Barnett Newman like he was standing around in his studio figuring out how this canvas could net him 40 million dollars. The art market exploded after his time, a lot of abstract expressionists were conned out of the money that dealers and collectors were making trading their work off at Sotheby’s, etc.

    More words: don’t look at a JPG of a painting and then tell me something about that painting. You’ve never looked at it before. I’m glad your kid could paint this. Art is often a reflection of the time that it happens in; color field painting was new and enlightening to painters then and not very relevant now. It’s sad to see it used by morons who have nothing better to do than put down working artists because of how much money collectors make off of them.

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