peteroserobschneidermsftMicrosoft has been really pulling out the stops with its advertisements lately. First it was that raucous wedding ad that poked fun at Samsung and Apple. Then, just last week came the hilarious and crazy Windows 8 videos of people shaving watermelons and playing ping pong with their butts.

Now, they’re using big-name baseball legends and hilarious actors to show why Microsoft Office is better than Google Docs.

MLB’s all-time hit leader Pete Rose and comedian/actor Rob Schneider star in the new Office commercial that carries a simple message: It’s a gamble to use Google Docs.

Schneider plays the casino dealer at a game called “Google Docs,” where the goal is to open a Microsoft Office presentation in Google Docs without losing data or messing up the format. Winners receive a shiny keychain, while those who can’t complete the task “lose big, to the tune of your wallet, credibility and your upcoming promotion,” as Schneider puts it.

Of course, the player fails and ends up fainting when he can’t transfer the presentation over to Google. “Don’t gamble with your Office documents, presentations and spreadsheets — use Microsoft Office, where the odds are stacked in your favor,” the commercial states.

Then, to finish off the spot, Rose comes to the table and says, “No, no, it’s too big a gamble, even for me.”  The appearance by Rose is especially interesting given the fact that he was banned from baseball in 1989 when he gambled on the sport while managing the Cincinnati Reds.


Microsoft goes into more detail about the downfalls of using Google Docs with a blog post here.

“Why gamble with your time and Office content?” writes Jake Zborowski. “When you build and share compelling, accurate, and impactful information, make sure you get what you bargained for.”

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  • Guest

    The premise that I HAVE to create my document in Office is wrong in the first place. What a pathetic message really. Microsoft will need to change their outlook on life (no pun intended), as it is they are ruining their own reputation more than Google’s. Terrible. They don’t seem able to ever learn. This is probably why Google doesn’t return the negative ads, because they understand that MS is shooting themselves in the foot.

  • ExMS

    Sad. It is MS making cool-aid for themselves. Meanwhile, Google marches on.

  • SloppyJob

    What a fake comparison. Even the two documents from Office 2013 and Office Web App aren’t identical. Not only do the square 1 on the top after Hayden Management and the diagonal “Confidential” appear different, but somehow the Office Web App must have invented three squares at the bottom of the page that aren’t there in the original. Shouldn’t one at least expect those two to be exactly identical? Moreover, it’s clearly manipulated.

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