taco-shot-1As Troy Davis continued to build out his hosted log management business PaperTrail, he began to go a little crazy. With so many jobs to accomplish and so little time, important tasks were sometimes left to the wayside and days were not being maximized.

taco121And that’s exactly why he and a friend decided to create a productivity aid called Taco. Here’s the kicker: Taco isn’t a productivity task list — instead, it brings items which exist on other task and ticketing services like Basecamp todos, Google tasks and Zendesk tickets all to one place.

“I’m all done with opening five browser tabs just to figure out what I should do next, and I’m very done with missing something important,” Davis said. “Taco helps me stay ‘in the zone.'”

Taco, which just completed a successful Kickstarter round, is designed to help people who wear lots of hats or work on multiple teams — startuppers and consultants, for example. It brings all of your tasks onto one screen, as seen above.

Even the creator of Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, took notice:

Troy Davis.
Troy Davis.

Taco’s backers include founders from companies like SlicehostSimple.com and PeepCode. Davis built the service with Jordan Isip after meeting him at a coffee shop, and the duo kept up a blog detailing their Kickstarter journey.

Davis has an interesting background himself. He started a phone automation service called Cloudvox, which was acquired by Ifbyphone in 2010, and then built PaperTrail with co-founder Eric Lindvall. He’s been using AirBnB since June of 2012, living in places like Seoul, San Francisco, Bangkok, New Orleans and four other cities. Now, Davis works out of The HUB in Pioneer Square.

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  • concerned trello user

    I dont get it, what’s the difference between this and just using Trello? you either manage tasks in stuff like Trello, or you use Taco to manage tasks that are in places like trello. . either way you still have to manage tasks.

    • Troy Davis

      If all of your tasks are in Trello, use Trello. If you’ve found a system, any system, that works well for you, that’s wonderful.

      Taco exists for those of us who use more than one service or app, want a simple place to focus, or both. For me, I gain a ton from using the app or service that best suits the situation – whether it’s Basecamp, GitHub, OmniFocus, Trello, UserVoice, or something else.

      There’s a saying called Segal’s law: “A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.” For those of us who use more than one service, that’s what Taco solves.

  • brandon

    is taco available yet? couldn’t find it on amazon app store or google play? thx brandon

    • Troy Davis

      It’s only available to backers right now, but https://tacoapp.com/ has a list for access as soon as it is. Also, it’s a pure Web app, for 3 reasons: APIs change and need ongoing care and feeding; it’s what we wanted as users; and a Web app makes a mobile Web view practical.

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