Catherine Giudici

Amazon’s employee roster is already full of talented people with serious accolades. Now you can add a Bachelor winner to that list.

Catherine Giudici, a visual designer at Amazon, is the latest champion of the popular ABC reality show and is set to marry Sean Lowe, a.k.a. this season’s bachelor.

Giudici grew up in Seattle and attended Roosevelt High School before enrolling in Washington State University where she majored in advertising. She then worked at the Wexley School for Girls and Taco Del Mar before ending up at Amazon. Giudici is also a freelance writer for Seattleite, penning blog posts about vegan food. You can check out here design portfolio here.

During the Bachelor hometown visits, Giudici took Lowe to Seattle, where they did the whole fish catching thing at Pike Place Market.

“The proposal of a lifetime,” said Giudici as she rode away with her new fiance on an elephant in Thailand capping the end of the show. “This is the coolest day of my life!”

Whether or not Giudici will stay in Seattle and continue designing at Amazon is up in the air. Lowe said that his fiance will be moving, but didn’t clarify when.

“She has packed her bags, and whatever she does, we are going to do it
together,”  he said.

Lowe, actually, should consider joining Giudici in the Emerald City. The Texas native is an entrepreneur — he’s the president of The Factory Girl, a Dallas-based upscale custom online furniture startup. Does he know that Seattle recently ranked 4th as a global startup hub? Dallas did not make the list, by the way.

But anywho, way to rep the 206, Catherine. Congrats on the soon-to-be marriage and here’s hoping it lasts. There’s a lot against you — only three of the show’s 24 “official” couples are still together — but we have faith in our fellow Seattleites.

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  • guest

    “Congrats on your marriage and here’s to hoping it lasts.”

  • Guest

    She seems really genuine & very nice. Definitely not an Am-hole.

  • JNow

    Well, I would bet that almost half of the marriages in our dear state were due to a pregnancy. This is as just as good a reason to get married and likely to last as long as the rest … less than 50 percent.

  • Guest

    Did this author even watch the show? They’re only engaged! You’re not a newlywed until you’re actually married, so Catherine’s not the ‘latest newlywed.’ Also, this article refers to Catherine as Lowe’s new wife, and congrats them on their marriage. They MIGHT get married later this year, if things go to plan. But if anyone’s ever seen the Bachelor or Bachelorette, these things often dissolve before the knot is legally tied.

    • Taylor Soper

      Hi Guest,

      Unfortunately I’m not an avid Bachelor fan. Thanks for catching that. I’ve made the changes above.

      Thanks for reading GeekWire.

  • DB

    Also please ask someone to read/edit your posts for grammar. Yikes.

  • Jordan Hamm

    Apparently she put in her notice with Amazon sometime in the last week or two.

  • Teresae Donovan

    Whether or not Catherine decides to stay in Seattle, I’m sure that they will both do what makes them happy. She is so genuine and down to earth that I’m sure things will work out for her no matter where they end up. I’ve watched plenty clips of her and Sean together and they just seem so perfect together. She brings this quirkiness to the table that I’m sure Sean enjoys.

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