amazonlocker-atamazonWell, that didn’t last long.

Staples and RadioShack are pulling the plug on their 11-month-old experiment around Amazon Lockers, the program that allows customers to order goods online at Amazon and then pick them up at locker units at the brick-and-mortar stores.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has the scoop on the end of the partnerships, with a spokesperson for RadioShack saying that the concept didn’t fit with its strategy. A spokesperson for Staples tells Bloomberg that the Amazon Locker concept “didn’t meet the criteria we set up together.”

It always seemed weird that big box retailers would partner with Amazon, which compete directly with both Staples and RadioShack. Having the brightly colored locker system in the retail shops also served as an advertisement for Amazon, not to mention that it offered a way for Amazon customers to pick up packages at brick-and-mortar establishments.

RadioShack and Staples both started testing the Amazon Lockers last fall. The company continues to partner with schools and other retailers on lockers.

GeekWire co-founder Todd Bishop was one of the first folks to publicly try the Amazon Locker concept back in October 2011. Check it out here:

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  • Roy Leban

    I’ve used an Amazon locker at 7-11, because we have one a few blocks from the office. It was ok. But 7-11 doesn’t compete with Amazon — people stopping in might buy a snack or a drink that they’re not going to order from Amazon.

    In contrast, the deals with Radio Shack and Staples made no sense for the stores. I don’t think people are going to order something from Amazon that’s small enough to fit in a locker and then buy something else in the store where they happen to pick it up. More than likely, they’ll browse, then go home and order from Amazon. This makes it a bad partnership for the stores.

    Also, the lockers take a lot of floor space. Is it worth it for any retailer?

  • Ed Shepard

    @ John Cook, this is amazing that amazon is getting pulled from other stores! I’m actually a big fan of the Amazon lockers, and it’s sad to see them get pulled out, so thanks for the article.

    I agree with Roy, the Amazon and Staples/Radio Shack seems like a direct competitor. In SF & NY, I’ve seen a couple of companies doing this for dry cleaning and laundry, but not in 7-11s…

    Dashlocker in NY does packages and lockers for buildings ( I’ve seen Laundry Locker in SF do lockers in grocery stores, gyms and at office buildings for dry cleaning ( The one that I’ve started seeing, but wasn’t able to use was Google’s bufferbox ( As it was just installed at a coffeeshop, and the screen wasn’t on yet, and they say that haven’t launched yet.

    If you see any other types of these lockers around town, it would be great to share them online. I even heard Walmart may be getting into the lockers as well.

  • Kevin Pierce

    My personal experience – I couldn’t get anything from Amazon actually delivered to a nearby locker.

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