seahawksloudAs a fan inside Century Link Field, I can attest that the raucous Seahawks game last month against San Francisco was insanely loud. So loud, in fact, that it set a new Guinness World Record for crowd noise.

But now, I can no longer say I was at the loudest game in history. Somehow, someway, that record has been upended by the folks in Kansas City.

Chiefs fans set the new mark today, hitting 137.5 decibels in Sunday’s 24-7 win over the Raiders and breaking Seattle’s world record of 136.6 decibels in the process.

Couple differences to note here. First of all, Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City seats 10,000 more than CenturyLink. So there’s that.

In addition, the Chiefs pitched in $7,500 to pay for a Guinness official to fly to Kansas City and document the record. The Seahawks, on the other hand, were not involved when Seattle fans set the old record. A group called Volume 12 did all the marketing and planning for that record, and also took care of the expenses for the Guinness employee.

Will Seahawks fans respond? There are five home games left on the schedule. Personally, I’d like to see them set another record, as they’re known as the loudest fans in the NFL and aren’t called the 12th Man for nothin’.

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  • ChiefFan

    You forgot to mention that Clink was designed and built to refract noise with their modified awnings.

    • BKirk

      Not really, the architect was forced to build the stadium on the footprint of the old King Dome since there is absolutely no room downtown for stadium expansion. This resulted in a very vertical stadium and once you add the rain cover, a natural amplifier.

    • Travis Schell

      The only thing with the more men argument is that decibels
      are logarithmic.

    • Kisersosay

      Or the fact they sent out note to fans to download phone apps to help augment the sound, Arrowhead is sustainably loud all the time and does not need augmentation or a roof design that helps keep the sound in the stadium.

  • Guest

    This will not stand. I don’t care how much $ it will take. Kansas City will not hold this record for the remainder of this month.

    You heard it here first, Seattle. This will not stand.

    • jj

      KC held the record before Seattle stole it. They got it back

      • GetitStraight

        Umm no they didnt. Some soccer team in Instanbul did. Check your facts

    • Guest

      At least we were nice enough to let you hold OUR title for a month, just so you guys could feel good about yourselves. TERRORhead Stadium returns!

      • Guest

        It’s not your record. It’s our record. We will get it back.

        You heard it here first. We WILL get it back.

        • GoChiefsWIN

          Seattle may get it back, but depending on the circumstances of the Denver game at Arrowhead, We may shatter the record again. I kind feel sorry for Denver….NOT!

  • KCRules



  • USA

    Seattle is very loud, but since the 90’s KC has always a loud stadium and all they did was regain the title which KC has had before for more than a decade before the Turks and Seattle. Good Job Chiefs Fans!

    • ProudChiefsFan

      Arrowhead may hold 10,000 more people than Seattle’s stadium, but unfortunately it was not a sellout crowd when we reclaimed the world record. If Seattle manages to volley the title, hopefully the Chiefs fans will rise to the challenge and fill the stadium to reclaim it yet again.

  • KCBarfly

    Stop trying to steal everyone’s football traditions Seattle! 12th man was coined by the Texas A&M Aggie’s in the 1930’s. Arrowhead Stadium has been known as the loudest stadium in the NFL for decades. Come up with something original like… Best coffee or best alternative music. I’m sure you can come up with something of your own.

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