Arden Hayes, a 5-year-old “whiz kid” from Carlyle, Ill., was back on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, expanding beyond his previous display of U.S. Presidential knowledge to wow the host and the audience with his knowledge of geography — identifying random countries and their capitals with a level of expertise that most adults will never achieve.

But the real zinger came at the end, when he was handed the Sony Xperia Tablet Z as a parting gift. “Well, you could just give it away,” he said, pushing the Android tablet back across the desk. “We’re just planning to get an iPad for Christmas.”

Well, so much for that product placement. Watch the clip above, and see the full segment.

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  • makapav

    With this turn,I feel sad for the kid’s future though… his dumbing down has begun :-P

    • Bruno

      And yours is over.

      • chris

        bruno – thats was priceless thanks

    • RogerMercer

      There’s a difference between simplifying and dumbing down. Simplyfying lets you work smarter, not dumber. Apple simplifies.

      • gavin

        Roger – YES!

      • MikeN

        Apple users have historically been dumber. Every study comparing users’ intellectual output has results similar to the first one at University of Delaware. The marketing of Apple clear back to the 1980s attracted shallower users. There’s nothing “simplified” about a user losing all control over how his machine works. It’s a marketing game.

    • APai

      absolutely! I wonder what he’d probably say if he was gifted a box of oranges instead, “sorry, I love apples, you might as well give it away”

      • makapav

        Thank god you got it unlike the rest. This kid is too young to become a fanboy with such strong bias.

        • duh

          Unlike yourself, being too old to lose your bias…

    • pphoto

      He’s a smart kid. After all, Apple now offers the entire iWork Suite for free on iOS and Mac: iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Obviously, he knows he can be more productive with the iPad.

  • forangels

    I love it : )

  • APai

    we have the world’s first 5 year old asshole

    • Truth

      Most 5 year olds are assholes

      • :)

        Therefore “Truth” must be 5 years old. :)

    • Babette

      If you had really watched this, APai, you would have seen that the kid is most definitely not an asshole. Did you see that he thanked the person who brought the placed-product gifts? Did you note that he planned to give that tablet away, not just keep it for himself or sell it? It takes a real asshole to call a good-natured kid like this an asshole.

      • APai

        sorry, no hulu where I live, so i couldn’t see the video. however nice the kid is, if he did make the statement – that’s incredibly foolish whatever, he’d probably was spoon fed with.

        if suppose, the kid did not say it, the author here twisted the words as a click bait, in which case it would stick.

    • pphoto

      Dude, he offered to give it away to someone else. Better than taking it home and letting it sit on a shelf unused like so many other objects kids get these days. He obviously wants an iPad, so he did the right thing and offered to give the Sony away.

      • APai

        5 year old kids play with ANY tablet they can lay their hands on – it’s too young to be biased, unless the parents themselves are feeding the bias. letting it unused simply because its an android device. hilarious, your bias is SO apparent.

  • Michael Hazell

    I would have accepted the tablet. I never owned a tablet.

  • hdboy

    This kid manage to diss Sony and Google tablets on national TV. He really is a genius. Now the video is “no longer available” through Somebody is covering their tracks. I also would have turned it down. Who needs second-rate stuff?

  • jbelkin

    Yea, every 5 year old worldwide knows which is a real tablet and which is just a slab of plastic not even worth reporting to the IRS at full retail. Of course, Android tablets have 8% share of internet tablet usage – what do people use android tablets for? Just testing it at stores?

  • :(

    No video? Another corporation blackout.

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