From the Surface to social to SkyDrive, there’s a little something for everyone at Microsoft.

That’s at least according this neat infographic post that shows everything going on at Microsoft and how its products/services intertwine with each other. It appeared on the “Next at Microsoft” blog that’s edited by Steve Clayton, who just appeared on our weekly podcast last month to talk about what he sees on the horizon in 2013 — including natural user interfaces, machine learning, big data, 3D printing, and the rise of the “Internet of Things,” blending the physical and digital worlds.

Of course, Microsoft is facing increasingly tough competition for talent. It would be cool to see a similar infographic for the other big tech companies — Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook — and compare it to Microsoft. Many believe Microsoft should not even be in the same conversation as the other four tech giants, while some think the Redmond software giant is turning into a sideshow.

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  • Marcelo Calbucci

    I wonder if they have a career in making readable infographics.
    I’ll keep trying to decipher over the next couple of hours and I’ll report back
    here. :)

  • Unemployed1

    But they don’t hire Americans in Redmond any more as FTEs. Now MS wants to raise the cap on the number of H1B visas to import more foreign workers. Shame on you MS doing this crap with so many Americans out of work.

    • Olivierf14

      You realize that’s a ridiculous statement, right? Do you know how tight the market for engineers in computer science is? It’s probably cheaper for MS to hire Americans than give comparable salaries to foreigners + relocation packages + expensive legal work to get them green cards.

      From the diagram above, just should realize that MS needs highly skilled employees in super specialized fields. Many of those professionals happen not to be American, but i’d rather have MS bring them to Seattle than employ them elsewhere. Immigration boosts the local economy AND creates jobs.

      • OhBrad

        And you realize how naive that statement is?

        Microsoft has been systematically laying off older workers (especially those with higher health care costs) since 2009. They are systematically sending jobs to China and India, bringing workers from those lower wage markets here and dropping long time workers to make room.

        The market isn’t as tight as they want you to think. This is why Brad Smith is full of crap every time he talks about improving education. It’s a strawman to falsely justify their current employment practices.

        • Olivierf14

          Laying off older workers is a completely different issue than hiring non-Americans. I would hazard a guess that the phenomenon you talk about is far from unique to MS. Ever heard of “up or out”? It makes sense in a way: either employees distinguish themselves by taking on more responsibilities (management track) or by becoming specialists and deep diving into a field (individual contributor track). MS is full of older workers! In fact, I think it has one of the highest average employee age of any comparable tech company! But you can’t blame the company for replacing expensive workers who provide little more value than fresh college grads.

          The true problem they have is finding enough qualified college grads, or specialized engineers and holding on to them in a highly competitive talent market. Hence the need for H1-Bs.

  • Dave

    Agree with Marcelo. Why would they make something this text heavy and difficult to understand.

  • chris livermore

    I think they forgot to include the barbed wire topped chain link fence that prevents you from actually working on any of these products until you wipe out the rest of your teams reputations and make it past the ‘stack ranked’ checkpoint charlie.

  • Ben Paschal

    Id like a job with ms!

  • Pradeep Chauhan

    but if they made it simple, it would look like its from Apple.

  • Russell THE Muscle

    Where the hell is the SQL Native Driver on this chart?! I want my money back!

  • LangurWallah

    I bet Microsoft Dynamics likes this.

  • Scott Moore

    Looks like pretty much any large company. Having been there I’m not really interested, but there’s certainly a ton of opportunities in a multitude of technical areas. And despite what I felt was a hostile working environment, I’ve never worked with so many smart people in all my life.

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