nintendowiiadWell, this is an odd advertising pitch from Nintendo.

The video game company was handing out new tear-away charts at PAX East this weekend. First spotted by Spike TV’s Geoff Keighley, the flyers compared the Wii U and the Wii side-by-side to show just how much better Nintendo’s newest console is than its predecessor.

So, just to be clear: Nintendo is trying to increase struggling sales of the Wii U by advertising against itself. Keighley Tweeted that he was “speechless.”

The rest of the chart is a little weird. There are categories to show that the Wii U “plays Wii U games,” and “uses the Wii U Gamepad,” in case you couldn’t figure out those. Also, instead of check-marks, the Wii gets tiny dots for the minimal qualities it shares with the Wii U.

All in all, the ad doesn’t exactly convince me that I need a Wii U, but does show me how bad the Wii is. It also points to the fact that despite the Wii U being on the market for five months, Nintendo is still struggling to educate customers with what exactly the new console can do.

Not sure how this will help Wii U sales, which continue to suffer. After selling just 57,000 consoles in January, Nintendo’s overall February sales stayed low at somewhere around 64,000. Compare that to the older Xbox 360, which sold 302,000 consoles last month.

H/T Kotaku

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  • n8

    Makes total sense. Wii U’s biggest competitor is the Wii because for the casual gamer with pre-teens or old people using it for bowling, why would they change? The bigger question to me is why would they want change to a more complex gaming system? And this poster doesn’t address that.

  • jonnjonzz01

    Wii U isn’t a handheld…

  • Sidney Majurie

    You gaming journalists are doing the industry a disservice with this nonsense. Geoff Keighley troll is obvious. When asked via tweet if he thought GTA 5 would be on Wii U, his reply was “why would you want it on Wii U, just get it for Xbox…” Unbiased facts only journalism. The cat’s out of the bag on you guys. The only way for you to generate clicks is to troll Nintendo. Proving this industry continues to evolve around what Nintendo does or doesn’t do. You’re all a bunch of hacks that failed securing jobs elsewhere and you bring your tabloid mentality to ruin gaming…

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