xboxonecontrollerIf you ever have eight gamers in one room that all want to get in on the fun, well, the Xbox One will satisfy that need.

While the Xbox 360 only supported four local controllers at once, the next-generation Xbox One will allow for up to eight gamers at the same time.

That’s according to the controller product page, which also notes a 30-foot wireless range, so you can sit way back and play given that your T.V. is big enough.

Sony’s PlayStation 4, set to hit shelves November 15, will only support four controllers at once.

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  • Guest

    Yawn. While Sony is having to clamp down on media rumors of their 2014 VR headset (btw it’s real) MSFT is touting features hat nobody wants.

    And they still have yet to announce a launch date.

    WTF Microsoft? Get your sh*t together.

  • Lame

    Umm…Stupid. 8 people on one screen? How small will each player’s section of the screen be? It’s small enough with 4 people.

    • Jeremy Schroder

      Imagine how cool it would be for sports games though if the games can support it. Playing a football game with 7 buddies would be pretty sweet. One screen with everyone playing on the field.

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