notetakingMicrosoft has made its OneNote note-taking application a key part of its larger cloud strategy for Microsoft Office, attempting to challenge Evernote as a way for users to sync to-do lists and notes across devices. Now it looks like Google is headed in this direction, as well (again).

Some sleuthing by Google+ user IE100 has uncovered new evidence (including the icon pictured here) that Google is working on its own note-taking application, and the news site Android Police got a brief glimpse of the actual service (before it was taken offline) suggesting that it’s set for launch relatively soon.

As noted by the Verge, his wouldn’t be the first foray into note-taking for Google, which previously had a service called Google Notebook. The company also offers integrated task lists in Gmail.

Android Police reports: “Google Keep works a lot like Google Notebook used to: There’s a list of notes, and you can color-code them, save pictures, and make checklists. You can archive notes, which will send them to a section at the bottom of your list.”

No official word from Google, but the hint of a new product is interesting in part because the company has been giving the axe to many of its other services. Apparently note-taking is important enough to its broader strategy that the company is willing to bring it back.

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  • Joe

    Seriously? This comes out right in the middle of the debacle with Reader? Why on earth would anyone trust them enough to store and organize information in a new service at this point? Let alone one that they have already proven themselves all-too-willing to axe without even bothering to provide life support to get through to the next new version?

    I’m gonna predict that there are not that many Charlie Browns left out there for Google to tempt, and that the poor adoption of Google Keep will lead to it being yanked away just like Reader and Notebook.

    • Guest

      You forget that notes (and syncing of notes across phone, tablet and Gmail) and tasks (ditto) is one of the most sought after features. You would have known that if you had cared to check. But it seems you were too busy serving your overlord trying to downplay the competition. You sure “bing it on”…

      • Jerry

        Wow, this is exciting. Usually it takes 10-12 responses before it degenerates to name calling and sarcasm.

      • Elder Norm

        HIs comment isn’t about the merits of the segment. It’s about whether Google will sustain the effort, which is a fair concern following Reader getting canned.

    • Joshua Maher

      Leaving end users hanging is not an exclusive problem of Google…
      It is pretty funny though that they are killing a product that grows their number of satisfied users to enter a product space where there is a lot of competition. I guess if there is no other serious competition, Google doesn’t want to be in the business.

  • Michael Hazell

    I think that OneNote and OneNote Web App are pretty impressive. However when this does (probably) come out, Microsoft’s Office and Office Web Apps teams will have to ramp up to add new features if need be.

    In other news, the Office Web Apps team really needs to add header and footer support for Word Web App. GDocs has had this as far back as I remember.

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