Is Google Glass safe to use while driving? That question is generating lots of discussion in the tech industry following reports that officials in the UK are pre-emptively prohibiting the augmented reality devices from being used behind the wheel.

But some early Google Glass users say it should actually improve safety by keeping drivers’ eyes closer to the road, not on the smartphones in their hands.

In that latter camp is INRIX, the Kirkland-based traffic data and technology company, which announced today that it has built an early Google Glass traffic application specifically designed for use behind the wheel. Check out the video above to get a feel for it.

Based on its testing and use of the concept app, the company says it believes the scenario is actually safer than built-in navigation systems. INRIX compares it to the heads-up windshield displays being built into high-end luxury vehicles.

Features include the ability to receive real-time traffic alerts to avoid traffic jams, take photos to report traffic incidents, and share estimated arrival times with people at your destination. The app is slated to be released later this week for Google Glass developers and users, and INRIX plans to incorporate their feedback as it continues to develop the experience.

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  • BerggreenDK

    First of all. Dude, get some new socks and shoes when you has such nice a car and gadgets. Secondly, hopefully the Google Maps doesnt crash in the glasses like it does in my Android phone… ? Not saying I dont like the glasses, but I think the latest Google Maps update just made it worse than Apple maps – ouch!

    • RunninRebel

      People who critique fashion are either gay or a woman. Which are you?

      • RIchard Puckett

        Is there anything wrong with being either?

  • Steve

    If allowed, available apps should somehow be limited while driving. Otherwise even tho your eyes *might* be looking forward, your concentration will still be directed elsewhere. It’s similar to when you’re in an intense conversation – you’re paying attention to THAT, not your driving.

  • GeekWire Fan

    Anyone who is logical and cares about public safety would conclude that using Google Glass while driving should be illegal just like text messaging.

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