Google this morning announced 10 new apps for Google Chromecast, including support for RealPlayer Cloud, the new video player and cloud service from Seattle-based RealNetworks. The integration will let RealPlayer Cloud users ‘cast’ their personal videos from devices to the television via the Chromecast dongle.

Other apps announced for Chromecast include Plex, Avia, VEVO, Red Bull.TV, Songza, PostTV, Viki, Revision 3 and BeyondPod. They join existing apps including Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Hulu Plus.

RealNetworks announced the RealPlayer Cloud service in September, part of a broader effort to revive its business and the classic RealPlayer brand. With the service, the company is aiming to make it easy to sync and share personal videos across devices. RealPlayer Cloud apps are available for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Roku and the web.

The company says RealPlayer Cloud had hundreds of thousands of users after two months. The addition of Chromecast support could be an additional shot in the arm for the RealNetworks service.

Apart from the designated apps, Chromecast allows content to be streamed to a TV from the Chrome browser. AllCast previously released an unauthorized Chromecast app for streaming personal videos, but that was blocked by Google at the time.

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  • Mike Mathieu

    It’s beyond me why Google won’t let Chromecast stream video from you PC. That was my #2 scenario after Netflix (which my TV already has), ahead of Google Play PPV.

    • FrankCatalano

      Chromecast does let you stream video from your PC (per my earlier review You can ‘cast streaming video that appears within a Chrome browser tab. But you can’t ‘cast streaming video from standalone (e.g., non-Chrome browser) applications.

      • Mike Mathieu

        Yes, I just don’t post all of my personal videos to YouTube before watching them on the TV, so I end up using the HDMI cable instead of wireless streaming to Chromecast. Not being able to stream just makes the workflow more awkward.

        Also, playing video from within the browser (even in is not as high quality as using the Chromecast button in the YouTube player window, and that button isn’t available for other players like Vemo or Vevo.

        • FrankCatalano

          Got it. Chromecast is designed for streaming WEB video. But I see what you’re trying to accomplish. Would be nice.

          • FranksMom

            I think you’re just retardedly defensive about this product.
            It sucks ass and there are plenty of free alternatives to this piece of shit.

        • CAC1031

          You can see in this article that Vevo is now supported.

        • fuzzylumpkins

          Plex or the Chrome browser itself will do 99% of streaming from a PC. Drag the file to a new tab and it plays in Chrome, then cast that tab to the Chromecast.

    • abc

      it depends on the video format. but you can drag and drop a mp4 video file and most avis into the chrome web browser then use the Google Cast app from the Chrome Web Store to cast it to your Chromecast.

    • ProblemSolver

      Install Realplayer cloud and problem solved!

  • Tom

    Bummer…I’m still waiting for official Amazon Prime support. I did figure out how to disable Silverlight in the Chrome Browser on my Win7 notebook so it would cast via Flash. It actually works pretty well however official Amazon Prime support would allow me to cast from an iPad or Kindle.

    • FrankCatalano

      I suspect you’re going to have to wait a very long time. Amazon blocks all Google apps in its Appstore for the Kindle Fire. Don’t think Google is likely to turn the other cheek for Chromecast.

      • Frazier

        I purchased my Chromecast on Amazon thinking I could (1) watch Prime and (2) watch local video files. Now I’m considering cancelling Prime and re-activating my Netflix account.

    • fuzzylumpkins

      There STILL isn’t an Amazon Video app for Android period, at this point it’s Amazon’s business strategy to not make one, not a lack of support / inability.

  • igot2bme

    still waiting for Vudu…I know we have Google Play Movies, but I like options!!!

  • Alane Jewel

    Thanks for your post Todd. I am currently using RealPlayer cloud and am very impressed with this latest launch by Real Networks:

    • Patrick Freedom Eagle Sparks

      you’re lying if you actually installed Real Player cloud you would know its a lie that you can watch your local content you can watch your cloud content and its a devious little lie from a desperate and dying company

  • Linda Thompson

    This is one awesome gadget. Purchased mine from Amazon a few weeks back and now I’m addicted. You’ve got to see these reviews piling up on Amazon: – Very very happy.

    • FranksMom

      It’s a piece of shit stop falsely promoting you dumb bitch

  • john smalberis

    Maybe already answered but … I have home movies converted to mp4 format on my Ipod touch 5th. I want to show these using Chromecast but I can’t figure out how. There is no Chromecast Icon in the (Ipod Touch) video app on the Itouch. Any ideas ? I do not want to upload them to the ‘cloud’ just to view them.

    • FrankCatalano

      Chromecast only will ‘cast video that appears in a Chrome browser tab (using the Google Cast extension), or for which there is an officially supported app that embeds Chromecast as an option. Personally, I don’t know of any way to just show a video via Chromecast unless you upload it to YouTube first (which has other drawbacks, obviously).

      Others in the comment thread here have simply suggested dragging an MP4 video file to Chrome and dropping it in a new tab and report that works, too. I haven’t tried it.

      • john smalberis

        Thanks. Not sure how to drag a video on the ipod touch Chrome. Thanks for the response. Take the rest of the day off w/pay!

  • Robert Dupuy

    You can also go to the setting in the Chromecast menu top right of your Chrome browser and set the BETA settings to share current tab and audio. Then drag a video file into the current tab, once the video starts playing cast it to your tv and make it full screen. I am still trying to get the audio and video synced well but I think this will eventually work well.

  • Elaine Roberts

    will adtelly be available on chromecast?

  • Joseph Fog

    you can download good version on

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